Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Training - Week of 1/11 - 1/17

Second full week of 'training' in the new year and really not much of anything spectacular happened here...  I managed to 'fudge' it so I got 70 again, but I really do need to up the quality and get out for a couple of longer/faster runs hopefully by the end of the month.

The image here is of me summiting Berlin Mtn. on the NY/MA border.  This was between
races this weekend. This is what happens when you go out for a weekend double w/ DD. He's got me two years in a row...I'm starting to think this is a strategy for him to try to wipe me out before the second race of the weekend. It has almost worked two years in a row... It was much more fun on the way down however... I'll be posting about that and the two races this past weekend, hopefully soon.  For now, in keeping with my promise to keep my training updated on here, here are the numbers (as pathetic as they are)...

Monday: AM: 6.9 miles (roads) with Jonesy from the courthouse - Salem, MA (50:20)
PM: 8 miles (roads) with Verrington and Dunham - Industrial Park 8 - Bradford, MA (57:27).
Total: 14.9 miles.

Tuesday: PM: 8 miles (roads) with Verrington and Dunham - Industrial Park 8 - Bradford, MA (55:51)

Wednesday: PM: 8 miles (roads) with Verrington and Dunham - Industrial Park 8 - Bradford, MA (55:25)

Thursday: PM: 10 miles (treadmill) - 1:10:00

Friday: PM: 5 miles (treadmill) - 35:00

Saturday: AM: Warmup 3 miles (roads/snow covered trails) + snowshoe strides over start of course (24:00) w/ Dunham, TiMo, TiVo, Miller, Hammett + Race: Greylock Glen Snowshoe Race - 3.7 miles (25:31) + Cooldown 5 miles (38:30) (roads/snow covered trails) w/ Dunham, TiMo, TiVo, Miller, Hammett, Paul B.
PM: 2 mile run/hike/snowshoe up Berlin Mtn and then back down (42:00).
Total: 13.7 miles.

Sunday: AM: Warmup 3 miles (roads) w/ Dunham + snowshoe strides on course (24:00) + Race: Brave the Blizzard Snowshoe Race - 3.9 miles (24.44) + Cooldown 3 miles (24:00) (roads) w/ Dunham and TiVo.  Total: 9.9 miles.

Weekly Total: 70 miles.

With the double this weekend, I wanted to make sure I stay healthy and don't overdue it.  It's pretty easy to come up w/ a hamstring or leg/hip/back issue on some of these snowshoe courses and I need to stay healthy over anything else, to be able to try to hang with the likes of a Tilton or Fyffe, etc. over the next few races.  5 of the next 6 weekends are doubles (with one of those actually being a TRIPLE).  I don't think I will up the volume much more, but need to do a bit more at a little quicker of a pace, for me to get in the right work I'll need to contend at Sidehiller and then Nationals.

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  1. Faster quality work is never a bad idea.....

    I think you are in very good shape right now. If the goal is SS nationals the key will be to get yourself ready for a 10Km snowshoe instead of these much shorter SS races. It'd be interesting to see a topo of the National course....