Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Training - Week of 1/04 - 1/10 and Turner Video

2010 Training - Week of 1/04 - 1/10 - Enough Screwing Around

This was the first full week of the new year and I am going to 'try' to post my weekly routine (as uneventful as it usually is). I've had enough screwing around (essentially doing not a heck of a lot as far as serious running goes, since October)...  I'm trying to get a little more focused and am done
with my winter break (which was basically cutting down my running by 30% or so).  I need to ease into some higher mileage weeks and make sure I don't get hurt (again) by the end of the winter.  This week didn't get me where I wanted, but it wasn't a complete loss either.

Monday: AM: 5.2 miles w/ Judge Jones in Salem NH, from courthouse. Nice and easy - roads (39:03)
PM: 11.7 miles (3 lake bangs in Wakefield, MA - 1st loop solo + 4 loops around office park + 2 bangs with Mike Callahan (1:23:36) - Total 16.9

Tuesday - PM: 8 miles - 'Industrial Park 8' (Haverhill) w/ DD & Dan Verrington - roads (56:57)

Wednesday - PM: 8 miles - Treadmill (solo obviously) - (56:00).

Thursday - PM: 8 miles - 'Industrial Park 8' (Haverhill) w/ DD & Dan Verrington - roads (56:27)

Friday - PM: 8 miles - Rattlesnake Rd. - Andover, MA w/ the 2008 Dan Verrington. Dan  hammered this one (53:25)

Saturday - AM: Warmup: 3 miles (31:27) on snowshoes up the auto road for 1.5 miles + 1.5 miles descent on single track with DD, Steve Wolfe + Snowshoe race: Turner Trail (5 Miles) (45:10) + Cooldown 3 miles (24:07) on snow covered roads with DD, Steve Wolfe, Tim Mahoney, Abby Mahoney, Tim VanOrden, Matt Westerlund.
Total: 11

Sunday - PM: Treadmill Run. 10 Miles (1:10:00).

Weekly Total: 70 Miles.

One junky double, one good race, some dreadmill miles, and the rest were pretty much garbage miles.  I'd say it was an OK week.  I meant to get a long run in on Sunday w/ Dan Verrington and some others, but backed out due to low-single digit temps early in the morning and from being dead tired after Turner.   I didn't want to get sick/injured with multiple doubles coming up and decided to hop on the mill to close out the week.

Lastly, thanks to Brad at Berkshire Sports, the below footage is from this past weekend's Turner Trail Snowshoe race.  You can see me go by at the very beginning (during the initial climb).  Unfortunately for some reason he only got places 2-8 on the way back down (hence no visual evidence of me on my way down), so if you scroll to the later part of the video, you can see Corey, DD, TiVo, Tim Mahoney, Matt Westerlund, Steve Wolfe, and Ken Clark.  It has got some pretty cool shots of the last part of the descent near the end.


  1. Nice week and nice win. That is an excellent video. If you want to try and run AM this week let me know. I am also going to try to do some snowshoeing around the Lawrence reservoir area if interested.

  2. 10 miles on the treadmill?? Yikes.
    I got out for 14 yesterday. It was less painful than watching the Pats play.