Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Northeast Snowshoe Rankings Updated

As I am finishing up the Curly's Record Run blog entry from today, I came across the new rankings this week for the Northeast Snowshoe scene, courtesy of Chris Dunn & acidotic Racing.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Chris has become the authority on the competitive snowshoe scene over the past few years and his rankings are pretty close to being the 'official' rankings as you can get.  I'll also say that DD has enough knowledge and experience to do his own rankings as well and I'd be interested in seeing his response to the rankings from acidotic.  This year, Chris is using an 'Average Performance Index (API)' which is made up of several variables
including overall finish, Top 5  finishes, and strength of field.,.. The runner must also have raced a minimum of three (3) races to be ranked.  I like this approach because it makes people have to run enough races to allow for an effective and accurate sampling to rate from. A guy who is essentially unbeatable, like a Justin Fyffe (CMS / LaSportiva) or a Josh Ferenc (BAA), won't be ranked unless they run at least 3 races (which may or may not happen). Right now Josh has only run 2 races, and in one of them he fell and was badly hurt, and the other he won convincingly...yet not enough to get a 'ranking', which I agree with.  I hope we see more of him, as he has a very good chance of winning Nationals in March.  The same thing can be said of Justin Fyffe, who has been running some road and track this winter and has not run any snowshoe yet.  Even though he is 'potentially' the best snowshoer in the Northeast, he hasn't run anything yet.  Add the Nedeau's, Cartier's, Schmitt's, etc. and you get a great pool of 'potentials' that could come out over the next couple months, but they can't be ranked until they show to at least 3 races. After wins at Sidehiller and Northfield, Kevin Tilton should also move solidly into 1st place...

2010 Northeast Snowshoe Rankings for 1/24/2010 (CMS in Blue/Pink)

1.  Jim Johnson  
2.  Ben Nephew
3.  Tim Van Orden    
4.  Robert Jackman
5.  Dave Dunham    
6.  Tim Mahoney  
7.  Paul Bazanchuk  
8.  Jim Pawlicki  
9.  Chris J. Dunn  
10.  Matt Westerlund

1.  Abby Mahoney  
2.  Amy Lane  
3.  Carolyn Stocker  
4.  Amber Cullen  
5.  Chelynn Tetreault  
6.  Ann Rasmussen  
7.  Jessica Hageman  
8.  Jessey Campbell  
9.  Lisa Ransom  
10.  Becky Shattuck

One last note...I'm a little sad to say that aside from Abby, I'm not really familiar with any of the women on this list, so I can't really comment on the women's rankings, but I'm sure Chris knows what he's talking about ;).

Photo courtesy of Berkshire Sports.


  1. I'll have my rankings posted by Wednesday. Check out my blog.


  2. I have my rankings too...

    1. JJ
    2. Everybody else.

    Nice going Jim!


  3. Nice going Jim -- we are very proud of all your accomplishments -- Mom & Dad