Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Snowshoe Run of the Season

Saturday was my first snowshoe run of the 2009-2010 season. It felt great to get back out there and strap on the Dion 121's for some much anticipated snowshoe running.  I met Steve Wolfe up at his local stomping ground in Merrimack, NH at the Horse Hill Nature Preserve.  This is the scene of the Horse Hill 7k (race #6 in the Granite State Snowshoe Series for 2010).  I had a little difficulty at first, with the top of my right foot giving me some grief right out of the parking lot.  I think it was due to the old Nike Pegasus shoes I use when I'm 'shoeing'.  I don't wear them any other time, so my foot was confused for a bit.  That loosened up after about 5 minutes.  Other than 1 fall (pretty early into the run) and 3 other close calls, I would call it a success for sure.  There was much more snow up there than down in Salem.... They got 10 inches or so before it turned over to rain, during this week's storm, so there was plenty of snow over the entire trail system.  It was pretty darn cold out, and the trails had been blazed by Steve and Mike Amarello earlier in the week, but aside from that, we were the only brave souls out there this morning....

Steve and I ran over the 7k course (but not the exact course as it is run) and then some...probably close to about 6 miles we figured.  He really pushed hard up the last climb and then up and over, down to the finish...I was really working to keep up....he's gonna have a big season this year for sure!  


  1. OOOOh That looks like fun. I remember a nice cllimb towards the end of that course. Will ave to go back and try my Dions there. I wore some Atlas Electra's there for the 2/14/09 race and got what I call "hamburger heel." It was a mess. Can't wait for this SS season.

  2. Great stuff! Good luck tomorrow.