Saturday, December 5, 2009

2010 US Mountain Running National Championship Announced

Hot off the presses (from the USA Mountain Running ...aka Rich Bolt's Twitter Feed) is that the Mount Washington Road Race has once again been named as the US Mountain Running National Championship again for this coming year (2010).  This weekend is the USATF Annual Meeting out in Indianapolis and Rich has been tweeting updates all day.  Good stuff here including information on bids for various trail/mountain/ultra championships.  This marks the 4th time it will serve as the US Championships, and the 6th time out of 7 years that it will have been held in the state of New Hampshire (with the one exception being the Vail Hill Climb in Vail, CO in 2003).

Even more interesting news, is that the top 6 men and top 4 women will make the US Mountain Running Team for 2010 to compete in the World Championship.  There will be no 2nd selection race in 2010!!  That means regardless of what come in top 6 (USATF) and you are on the team.  I'm sure DD will have much more information as it becomes available (and as he gets time to update his blog).

What makes this coming year's Mount Washington even more special, is that it is the 50th anniversary of the race and the last in which Bob Teschek will be the official race director.  Couple all this with once again being the US Championship, and this coming year is as good as any (in fact much better) for anyone who has ever been curious about whether or not they should throw their hat in the ring for this race.  I am mainly talking about a lot of very good local area runners (whom I will not name directly in this post).  There are a lot of guys out there that are phenomenal road guys and some are even top in the country for specific longer distances... now that does not necessarily make them a good mountain runner, but still, I've been curious to see what some of these guys can do on The Hill, and I hope some new guys will consider giving it a try this coming year, cross it off the list and be done with it (or...fall in love with it like I have and keep coming back :) ).  In 2008, it was great to see guys from New Balance Boston, BAA, R.UN, etc. come up and give it a try.  Most of those guys ran very very well, but were still humbled by the likes of the top mountain guys and even some local goats and masters runners like Fram, Morse, Gutierrez, Ames, etc.

The Lottery Opens March 1, 2010.

Photo below of Mr. Gates making his way up 'the wall' in 2009 on his way to a 59:58 winning time.  Photo by Kristin Wainwright.

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  1. Wow. The big hill is the big dance. Hope we can field a masters team there.