Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Racing By The Numbers

This is a quick 'by the numbers' sort of review of my racing in 2009.  I will go into it a bit more in my year-end recap, but this is a basic statistical look at how my racing went down this past year.

Since I enjoy racing more than I do just 'training', I focused more on collecting statistical info/data on my races rather than just plugging daily/weekly/yearly
miles, etc.  I think I am going to lean more towards laying out weekly miles and my training log a bit more this coming year (to keep myself honest, focused, and motivated to train a bit better in 2010).

You may or may not find any of this interesting, but I thought it was fun to look at all the places I ran and what type of events I was doing throughout the year.  This stuff wasn't too hard to figure out and there really isn't anything mathematical or complex about anything I listed, but I thought it was interesting to see some of the numbers.  I think this coming year, as my schedule comes more into focus, I am hoping to run a bit more trail races, while still incorporating the road stuff and focusing on the USATF-NE Mountain Series.  I only got a few trail races in last year and I really enjoy them.  I think I can 'shoehorn' in some trail races up against some road stuff and still do ok overall.  I seemed to PR in quite a few distances off of just racing and having fun and not really focusing on anything in particular.  Since I just love going to races and am out there having fun, it's nice to be able to still get faster with just doing my week to week running and racing routine.  We'll see how the upcoming year plays out when the WMAC announces the Grand Tree schedule, the Seacoast Series is announced, and the NER calendar comes out in early 2010.  For now, here's a look at how this year went down...

A couple points to make... Only one of these races was a 'weekly' race (the Fudgecicle 5k in Tewksbury) but I only did 1 of them, and there are only a handful (7 or 8 of them per year)...I didn't do any '52 week series' races.  I also didn't do any multi events like 2 track races at the same meet, etc.  All 63 of these races were standalone races.

- photo from the end of the Busa Bushwhack 10 Mile Trail Race - Framingham, MA - 11-01-09

2009 Racing Stats

Total Races: 63
Shortest time between races: 7 hours
Longest time between races: 28 days.
Shortest Distance Raced: 2 Miles
Longest Distance Raced: 26.2 Miles
Weekend Doubles (back to back days of racing): 10
Same Day Doubles (2 races in the same day): 2

Races by Month:

January [8]
February [5]
March [2] **
April [6]
May [6]
June [4]
July [8]
August [8]
September [6]
October [4]
November [4]
December [2]

** Injured during this time

Races by Type:

Road [36]
Snowshoe [11]
Mountain [6]
Trail [5]
Cross Country [3]
Outdoor Track [2]

Races by State:

NH [36]
MA [18]
VT [3]
ME [2]*
RI [1]
CT [1]
NY [1]
OR [1]

*counting the ES20 which goes through 3 states (ME, NH, MA).  Counting it as ME, where it starts.

Races by Distance:

2 Mile Road [1]
4.5k Snowshoe [1]
5k Outdoor Track [2]
5k Road [16]
5k Snowshoe [5]
5k Cross Country [1]
3.5 Mile Snowshoe [1]
4 Mile Road [1]
4 Mile Mountain [1]
4.11 Mile Snowshoe [1]
4.3 Mile Mountain [1]
7k Snowshoe [2]
8k Cross Country [2]
8k Road [2]**
8.2k Trail [1]
8.5k Snowshoe [1]
5 Mile Road [3]
5.7 Mile Mountain [1]
10k Road [4]
11.6k Mountain [1]
12k Road [1]
7.6 Mile Mountain [1]
10 Mile Road [2]
10 Mile Mountain [1]
10 Mile Trail [1]
Half Marathon Road [1]
24k Trail [1]
16 Mile Road [1]
30k Road [1]
20 Mile Road [1]
22.2 Mile Trail [1]
Marathon Road [2]
Marathon Trail [1]

** Classifying Ollie as an 8k.


Total Wins: 24
Wins by Race Type:
- Snowshoe [9]
- Road [7]
- Trail [3]
- Mountain [3]
- Cross Country [1]
- Outdoor Track [1]

Largest field in a win: 345
Smallest field in a win: 12

Largest margin of victory:  8:02
Smallest margin of victory: :1 sec.

30+ Road PRs (established distances)* : 7

- 2M, 5k, 8k, 10k, 10M, Half Marathon, Marathon

- * I also ran my first 16 mile, 30k, and other 'non-traditional' road distances.  I am not counting those or odd trail/snowshoe/mountain distances.

Race (Starting Line) Location by Town:

Portsmouth, NH [6]
Lyndeborough, NH [2]
Boston, MA [2]
Lowell, MA [2]
Concord, NH [2]
Dover, NH [2]
Alton, NH [2]
Unique Locations [45]

Different Towns Raced in [70]:

Massachuestts [24]: Salisbury, Tewksbury, Lowell, Tyngsboro, Chelmsford, Boston, Amherst, Savoy, Adams, North Adams, Florida, Gloucester, Lawrence, Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brighton, Brookline, Nahant, Topsfield, Andover.

New Hampshire [36]: East Madison, Eaton, Lyndeborough, Derry, Gilford, Center Sandwich, Atkinson, Merrimack, Madbury, Portsmouth, Rye, North Hampton, Hampton, Seabrook, Concord, Nashua, Alton, Dover, Bedford, Wilton, Temple, Peterboro, Green's Grant, Pinkham's Grant, Thompson & Meserve's Purchase, Sargent's Purchase, North Conway, Lincoln, Greenland, Laconia, Loudon, Manchester, Newington, New Castle, Stratham, Hollis.

Maine [2]: Kittery, York

Connecticut [1]: Stafford Springs, Somers, Ellington

Vermont [3]: Stowe, Woodford, Winsor

Rhode Island [1]: Lincoln

New York [2]: Guilderland, Albany

Oregon [1]: Ashland

If you can think of any other stats I should post about my race schedule from this past year, let me know and I'll see if I can come up with the numbers...


  1. Great numbers Jim. You're starting to remind me of someone...just can't put my finger on it yet.
    I'd need a second job (and be about 15 years younger) to race that much.

  2. Jim, how about stats for the number of miles and/or hours driven to races, $s spent on entry fees, how many pairs of running shoes your wore out, how many times you dragged Kristin to a race and how many photos she took? That should keep you busy for a while!

  3. Hey Dan, I've mentioned this before, but I actually came out ahead on the entry fees after the amount of money I won at races, the amount of money that I got from Polar for having my photo in print (with their logo visible), the internal GP money I won from CMS, all the team events that were paid for completely by CMS (Mt. Wash, Cranmore, Topsfield, and ALL 6 Grand Prix races), and a couple of waived fees for races. Not to mention all the saving of money after NOT going out to eat hardly ever, NOT going to bars, NOT smoking, NOT spending money on any video games or fancy gadgets, not buying any clothes, and having NO other hobbies other than a $20 entry fee (periodically) to a race and some gas money to get away from the house and see different cities and towns each weekend. Also, I have zero commute to work, so gas money is not an issue once or twice a weekend, to drive a couple hours. I bet most people reading this drive WAY more than I do each week without a doubt. Sometimes my car doesn't move for days. I can think of many other folk who spend far more money per week than I do on other menial things that would really surprise you...

    I don't buy any more shoes than anyone else who runs similar miles, and I've won quite a few pair of shoes (or gift certs from racing, which I've used for shoes) from races. Kristin went to 22 of 63 races this year and each one she went to willingly. No idea about the amount of photos she took but it's a lot.

    Also, I have free entry (from winning the series last year) to all the GSSS events for this year... so I'm already starting off ahead of most this coming year.

  4. And I thought I was going to keep you busy looking up all this stuff ;-). My hat's off to Krisin. 22 out of 63 is really good. In the 28 years I've been married, I think my wife has been to 2 of my races (My 1st Boston and 1st 50). Can't say I blame her though. I don't even go to races unless I'm running them.

  5. First. Congrats on NH runner of the year. Awesome feat. I love stats and you've collected an interesting bunch. I hope to see you at a few races (like NE-USATF grand prix) in 2010. Congrats once again.

  6. Thanks Kev. Can't wait to field a big crew for the GP in 2010! Keep pluggin' away w/ your training man.

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  8. Jimmy, I like the stats. Nice way of summarizing the year. And congratulations on NH runner of the year !