Friday, November 27, 2009

2009 Feaster Five and General Update

Sorry...long time no post... I'm not even really motivated to post this for some reason...but I did race, so I need a recap of some here's an update.  As the year winds down,  I've been busy recovering from my two fall marathons and I haven't raced since Oregon on the 7th of November.  That is 2 weekends in a row with NO racing!  That's gotta be a record.  I've felt very flat and uninspired the past couple of weeks and was afraid I was losing fitness (mind games though, mostly).  I guess I needed the rest and I think it has been good for me.  I've been running lower miles and most of it pretty easy, to let my body fully recover from the year (so far).  I passed on Slattery's last weekend, and took the week after the Trail Marathon off as planned.  I had to go up to Ottawa, ON for work last week, so the running was a little tough that week.  It was treadmill runs every night after work, which obviously stinks.  My legs and feet took a beating, but I got through it without much trouble other than being extremely bored.

This week (Thursday) I threw my hat into the Feaster Five ring again have mixed emotions about it, but I think it was a good move.  I haven't done much of anything and felt out of my element (funny, seeing it was my 60th race of 2009).  I don't know how guys only race a few times a year...I'd never feel's just me though...everyone is different...but I find it funny that after running 59 races, I take 2 weeks off from racing and I feel like I don't know what I'm doing when the gun goes off.  That's kind of what happened this week in the Feaster Five (results) in Andover, MA. I entered the 5 Mile race this year instead of the 5k (which was a mistake, considering 16:30 won the damn thing this year).  In the 5 Mile was Nate Jenkins and Matt Ely.  Enough said.  Jenkins went out like his shorts were on fire and Matt wasn't too far behind him.  I stayed back with the SISU project boys (Germain and Miller) for the first couple miles before Matt Germain threw down and dusted Ryan Miller and I.  I was never really in it and labored through the first 2 miles (which are relatively rolly, with much of the first mile uphill).  I kept Ryan close but fell back a few times, only to catch back up on some of the inclines.  He threw in surges, mostly on the dowhills, and would leave me back a ways...then I would catch back up and give him some words to get get him going.  It seemed like it was working and we both worked off of each other, but I let him lead the first 99% of the race.  As we hit the last turn and had about 200 meters up to the finish, I went around him and worked the last hill to secure 4th place.  I was 16 seconds back of Matt Germain who ran a fantastic race.  Jenkins and Ely ran like they usually do and were way out in front, and Ryan was right behind me in 5th.

Quickly, a couple things that erked me about this race... 30 dollar pre-entry fee.  In this economy, that stings a bit...they do put on a great event (with very cool speakers, guests like Joan Benoit Samuelson and Bill Rodgers) but without getting too deep into it, I think that is too much...).  Also, when you run the 8k, you have to turn down into a sea of 1000s of 5k runners for the past 1.5 miles.  They stretch across the entire street, even though there are signs that say that they need to keep to the left, and 8k runners to the right.  This made it a tight squeeze at times.  It isn't the race organizer's fault that this happens, but rather the 1000s of 5k runners, who are out enjoying themselves on Thanksgiving morning, and trying to burn last second calories before indulging in their Thanksgiving feasts the rest of the day.  Most of them don't realize there is another race coming through.  Lastly, a woman simply jumped right in front of me about 50 yards from the finish line and practically knocked me down.  No clue where she came from, but I think she was a 5k runners who wandered into the wrong finishing area.  Other than that, it's a decent event put on by my former club, and it is rich in history and definitely has to be one of the most popular turkey day races anywhere, with 7000+ runners between the two races and the kids race.  I've done it twice already and have run both distances.  Next year will most likely take me to a different Thanksgiving event..maybe the one up in Portsmouth where Casey Carroll won the first annual Turkey Trot 5k.

Splits: 5Miles (8k) 26:10 - 4th of 2728.

Mile 1) 5:26
Mile 2) 5:19 (10:45)
Mile 3) 5:20 (16:05)
Mile 4) 5:05 (21:11)
Mile 5) 4:58 (26:09)

Thanks to Charlie Farrington for the semi-elite number again this year ;)

Pictured to the left is yours truly with David Quintal who was battling a young Anders Samuelson (Joanie's son) towards the end of the race.

Thanks to my Dad for taking some pics of the start and finish.

Feaster Five Video from the Eagle Tribune:

Tomorrow I am planning on doing a trail race for some fun...after that, I'm not sure where the rest of the year will take me....a stop off by Mill Cities next week for sure...then maybe a local race or two but the real focus now is on Woodford, one month from today.  I am praying for some snow SOON in Woodford VT.

Photo of the TRT (Technical Response Team) above from last week's trip up to the Adobe office in Ottawa, ON.  I'm the lad with the tuque on.  Cool eh?


  1. Way to jump back into the racing action JJ.

  2. Okay ... it might have been a post turkey delusion but ...

    ... my feed reader is Outlook. I misread this feed as one from DOUBLE D - not DOUBLE J. I was sitting there thinking - HOLY CRAP - THAT DUDE JUST POPPED A 26:10 after a 17 min 5k.

    Then I woke up.

  3. it might as well been DD. That time stinks...but right now I it's all good. It's all just fluff until August 22nd anyways right? ;)

  4. What the hell does "it might as well been DD" mean? F-you JJ. I'm a lot slower than you but I give it my all. I'll remember that when we are climbing up Greylock or Curly's. Sounds like bulletin board material to me. BTW: August 22? Don't forget June 19!

  5. It's on. 6/19. Bring your dancin' shoes....

  6. That's the JJ I know...will race anytime anywhere.