Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Savoy Mountain Poem

The WMAC put out their latest newsletter (Trail Running News) for late summer. In it, they posted my Savoy Mountain Trail Race writeup from my blog (as they did last year). Will Danecki, who puts this together, emailed me the other day with a copy of the newsletter before it went up on the site...I scanned it quickly and looked at my writeup, but didn't see the following poem, written by Mr. Marty Glendon (Race Director for Savoy). Looking at the published version, I noticed it. I thought this was very cool... Thanks Marty!

About the Photo: Yuki Nishide, Myself, and Takeshi (Casey) Yamazaki at the 2009 Savoy MT. trail races. Photo by Hiro Nishide.

Savoy Mountain Man
Howdy sod runner. Is your trail a mite hard?
Then I think it should cheer you if I tell of a pard
Who was caught on a trail in Savoy 2008
With a hunger and thirst that would not abate
Now I’ll turn back the pages to a mid August sight
When Jim Johnson was running a trail, pretty light

Jim Johnson’s legs are weary
And the rest of his body too
His tank is running on empty
He has no grub to get him through.

The trail is hard and all uphill
The sun is dropping low
There’s mud up in the mountains
And Jim’s got far to go.

But Jim flies through the forest
Though his armor’s got a crack
He cruises through the finish line
With a breakdown on fast track.

Jim wanders over to get some grub
He seems a bit bogged down
His race is won, he’s letting go
He thinks he’s westward bound.

But Jim Johnson comes back from the brink
He gives assurances that he is fine
With fond memories of Savoy
He returns to victory in 2009!

Marty Glendon

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