Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2009 High Def Codfish Bowl XC Video

Wow is all I have to say.  Just came across this on YouTube.  Excellent high definition coverage of the 2009 Codfish Bowl Cross Country Invitational at Franklin Park - Boston, MA on 9/26/09.  It is simple to spot me in this video, as I am the ONLY one that is wearing a hat (it's white). I knew I did that for a reason ;).  I also have a white singlet on with navy blue shorts.

The camera position is a little strange, as it basically is all shot from the center of the park and they just zoom in and out.  It would have been better had they moved around just a little bit (Frankin Park is perfect for that) and repositioned near the path of the runners to get people head on, as they went by, and filmed more than just the top 10 or so people (I'm really not complaining though because I was in that group :) )... but I'm just offering a little friendly critique. In any case, the video quality is excellent and it's very cool that someone went there and took the time to film it.  Thanks to whoever you are :)... Pretty neat...check it out (HD video, so it takes a bit longer to load).

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