Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saunders 10k

Sorry for the delay...but by popular demand, I bring you the Saunder's writeup... This past Thursday I ran in the 5th Seacoast Series race up in Rye, NH. The Saunders at Rye 10k (results) was is in it's 33rd year this year and this year fielded a respectable 805 finishers. This was my second year running the race and I know the course can be pretty fast. The current course record is Mike Gagne from 1986 who ran 29:37.7. The course is laid out perfectly with a nice flat first mile, an ever so slight incline up to 2 miles, then some rolls up until the 5k mark. After the 5k, it is all downhill to 5 miles, then the last 1.2 is flat all the way back to the restaurant. Having no killer hills, and no real climb of any kind after the 5k mark makes it a pretty good course to run fast on, weather permitting.

I warmed up with the Whirlaway contingent (Ard, Williams, Mahoney), Kevin Alliete (NBB), and the elder Quintal who is coming back from some injury downtime. As we headed over to the line, I noticed a couple more Whirlaway ringers (Dan Princic and Chris Hamel) doing their strides, and local NH runners Sam Wood (who had a number, but wasn't officially signed up, so he's not in the results) and John Mentzer, who has a stranglehold now on the Seacoast series. I could see it was going to be a good pack of guys for the first few miles anyways. I was feeling a little stiff from the past couple weeks of racing and higher mileage, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Right before Andy fired the gun, he made the announcement that there WILL be a race next year (34th year), to which it got a nice applause from the crowd. Then we were off. Portsmouth's Alan Fernald was out like Usain Bolt for the first 200 meters (which he does for every race) before settling back into his 7 min. pace. After that, it was Kevin, myself, John, and Sam Wood, with Chris Mahoney right behind. It remained like that for the first mile or so and then I saw that Chris was right up with us and Sam was falling back just a bit. By 2 miles, Dan Princic pulled up into the small lead pack and got out front with John. Kevin and I stayed just behind those two for another mile before hitting the 5k mark in 16:12. From there, John made his move up that last hill just before 5k and was gone. Dan Princic gave chase for a bit and Kevin and I stayed close, with Sam having already fallen back a bit and Chris Mahoney pulling back a bit before 5k. By 4 miles, Dan and I were side by side, with Kevin now in front of us and giving John a run. I wasn't looking back, but from talking with Chris after the race, he was back there giving chase. Between 4 and 5, Dan and I went back and forth. I got a slight side stitch, but the slight downhills made it easier to deal with. Right before the turn onto Rt. 1, I had broken free from Dan just a bit and was running alone now in 3rd. I ran the last 1.2 miles along Route 1 in Rye, trying to keep Kevin within striking distance, but I was just out of range. John was long gone and I did peek behind me as we came up over the bridge and couldn't make out anyone within striking distance behind me, so I knew shortly after the bridge that I had 3rd locked up. Chris Mahoney told me after the race that he was reeling in Dan and I over the last mile and was only 5 seconds in back of Dan at the end.

I finished up in 3rd place (one place higher than last year) in 32:20 (which was 38 seconds faster than I ran in this race last year), so I'm happy with both the time and place. I also ran 16:12 and then 16:08 for my splits, so it's nice to see a negative 5k split in a 10k for a change. I hope to try to go under 32:00 at Lone Gull 10k in September, which serves as the USATF-NE Grand Prix 10k Championships this year.

Splits: 10k - 32:20 (5:14 pace)

Mile 1) 5:07
Mile 2) 5:11 (10:19)
Mile 3) 5:18 (15:38)

First 5k: 16:12

Mile 4) 5:11 (20:49)
Mile 5) 5:12 (26:02)
Mile 6) 5:11 (31:13)
last .2) 1:07 (32:20)

Second 5k: 16:08

32:20 (5:14 pace) - 3rd of 805.

Other notables: This race was my 45th race of the year, matching my entire season total for all of last year. With 4 months to go, I'll have a few more to tack on to that number.

Next up is this weekend's Race to the Top of Vermont, up Mt. Mansfield in Stowe, VT.

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  1. One of these years, i will get to that race on my old training roads.

    See you up in Vermont this weekend.