Thursday, August 27, 2009

Loco 5000

Thursday night I pushed aside the hamstring troubles and headed up to Portsmouth High School to run the 6th Annual Loco 5000 (results). I talked myself in and out of this race for most of the day and finally decided to go up at about 4:30pm. The race moved from Dover, NH to Portsmouth this year and was held at 6:30pm on the Portsmouth High School track. There are 2 heats...Heat 1 is the faster heat (under 20 minutes) and Heat 2 is the over 20 minutes group. It was (as Andy Schachat put it) a 'small but intimate crowd' that gathered at the track...18 in heat 1 and only 15 in heat 2. There were also a couple of kids that ran some ad hoc '1-lappers' before the first heat went off.

As I warmed up, my hamstrings and calf (left) were really tight and I was really thinking that it may have been a mistake to go up. I was also contemplating how I should run the race and whether I should just sit and run easier than usual....but as the gun went off at 6:30, I went right out and settled into my goal pace of 75 second quarters (which would get me 5 minute pace and close to 15:32). That would be fine for me, as nobody else that I was planning on maybe having show up, showed up. No Tilton, no Tim Cox, no Huppe, Rider, Wiles, Mentzer, Balakier, Gosztyla, Jennings, Christiansen, or any other of the usual suspects I thought might show for a Seacoast race. So I figured a 15:30ish would be a good solo effort. The weather was perfect and the 75 second quarters felt pretty easy until the last couple laps, where I could feel myself rigging up just a bit, but not bad and I managed to keep pace. I felt very smooth and it felt like one of Fernando's old track workouts (minus the pulled hamstring or calf near the end). In the end, I came through a few ticks under what I was shooting for, so I'm pretty happy with the solo effort.

400M Splits for 5000M (15:28.11) - 1st.

Lap 01) 1:13.18
Lap 02) 1:15.01 (2:28.19)
Lap 03) 1:13.17 (3:41.36)
Lap 04) 1:13.94 (4:55.30)
Lap 05) 1:14.47 (6:09.77)
Lap 06) 1:14.41 (7:24.18)
Lap 07) 1:15.01 (8:39.19)
Lap 08) 1:15.03 (9:54.22)
Lap 09) 1:15.92 (11:10.14)
Lap 10) 1:14.83 (12:24.97)
Lap 11) 1:14.29 (13:39.26)
Lap 12) 1:13.04 (14:52.30)
Last .1 ) :35.81 (15:28.11)

After the first heat, I grabbed my camera and shot some photos of the folks running the 20+ minute heat. I've uploaded them to SmugMug here. Looking back on it, I should have asked someone to take photos of my heat, but I forgot I even had the camera before my race.

I think the coolest moment of the night was watching 9 year old Melissa Brown (pictured left) run 26:35 (8:34 pace). I believe her dad was pacing her for most of the way (he ran in the first heat too) and she just kept plugging along and ran the whole thing at what looked to me to be a very even pace. There was a 13 year old Alexander Brown, 1 place ahead of her and that could have been her big brother and an 11 year old Nick Brown in the first heat that could also be an older brother...very cool...In any case, it was very impressive to watch the kids run the full 5k on the track and give it their all. Watch out for that Melissa Brown in the future... She looks like a serious runner already at only 9 years of age and she didn't just run it passively like a lot of kids do who just are out there having fun and not really thinking about what they are doing....she was competing out there and emptied the tank. Very very cool. I also picked up a pair of Loco Banditos that the folk from Loco brought to the track...they were pushing them for half price...and after speaking with Bob Dion last week about the upcoming snowshoe season and how the best shoe, in his opinion, for clipping into the Dion 121 racing shoes are the Loco Banditos...I couldn't help but pick up a pair. They are VERY comfortable and I am thinking of trying out a pair in my next long road race or even Baystate...

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  1. Nice job Jim. Very solid run all by yourself. I was hoping to come down, but couldn't get out of work.

    Darin Brown was a 1:52 800m guy at Cornell way back. He had some knee problems after college, but has really gotten back into running the last 4-5 years. I think he ran 4:54 on the indoor track this winter. Would you mind sending me any pics you may have of them and I'll forward them to him?