Monday, August 3, 2009

Baystate Training Week 2 (7-27 - 8-02)

Week 2 of the Baystate Marathon Training Cycle

Monday: PM: Trail run - Merrimack River Trail course from hotel (out and back) - solo. Hot and humid (1:11:23). In between day (raced Sunday and Tuesday). Total: 10

Tuesday: PM: 3M warm up (23:30) + Race 10M (55:11) + 3M cool down (24:00). Very humid. Good race for the conditions. Total: 16

Wednesday: PM: 13M roads - my house to courthouse (4 solo) + 5 miles w/ Judge Jones + 4 miles (solo) home. HOT. 85 degrees out and high humidity. 1:31:53. Total: 13

Thursday: PM: Trail run - Merrimack River Trail from school. Solo. Out and back. 1:23:29. Total: 12

Friday: PM: 1M on the treadmill before it started to stall out on me. Raining, but hopped outside for another 8 on the roads here in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (solo). 1:02:24. Total: 9

Saturday: AM: Warm up 2 easy miles with Patrick Ard, Joe Hegarty, and two others (roads/dirt roads) (15:00) + Race - Laconia XC 5k (16:45 - 1st) + Cool down with Scott Clark & Scotty Graham (approx. 3 miles woods and some roads) - 24:00. Total: 8.1M

Sunday: PM: Trail run + Roads - Merrimack River Trail from school to Trull Brook (very buggy) + River Rd. back to school + loops in the parking lot and athletic fields at the school (solo). Total: 12

Weekly Total: 80.1 Miles

Good continuation of higher mileage (for me). Please remember, everything is relative and specific to me here. Not preaching or teaching here...just throwing out what I do into the blogosphere as others do to let the people who care, know what I'm doing... This is my blog and my training methods (and 'methods' is a loose term at that). Understandably, most people that run around my times would probably want more miles at this point and more structured tempo runs, workouts, etc. For me, I get my workouts and speed work on the weekends and have a blast doing it. That's just the way it is. I am putting fun before anything else. I was out of the game for 7-8 years so I appreciate what I am doing right now, a little more than most people would think. Sure I get down (as everyone does) when I don't run as fast as I wanted or as competitively as I expect to during some races... but first and foremost I run for fun and race because I like to race. I'm not out to break any records, prove any points, or stick it to anyone else. I've been very fortunately to have been around many people who are into the same things and who are very supportive in what I do and what the team does. Over the past year (almost) of running with CMS, I have had more fun running and competing than I ever have at any time during my running career. Each and every guy I've had the pleasure of competing with and running alongside has a hand in that. I love being around it, reading about it, following what is going on, and supporting those who do what they do, regardless of what the do. What I will say is that this time around in relation to my marathon training is that I am putting in some additional work to try and NOT bonk halfway through the marathon like the last 2 times. With a about 11 weeks left, I will get my base and my long runs in, while still maintaining the other stuff that keeps me interested in the sport.


  1. it it ain't fun, you ain't going to run.

    Keep at it man.

  2. JJ, keep making running what you want it to be. There is no formula that fits everyone and you're running well, so you must be doing what works for you. Still thinking about Thunderchicken in Portsmouth on Thursday? You should do it just because it is fun to say.

  3. Hey Bob, it's looking like Loudon... have fun at Thunderchicken! 15:50s in a chicken costume would be pretty impressive! ;)

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