Sunday, July 26, 2009

York Days 5k

Sunday was race #4 in the 2009 Seacoast Road Race Series. The York Days 5k (results) in York, ME was the scene, and outcome was no surprise. Last year (blog entry) I won this race by 47 seconds and ran out front the entire way. This year I hung on to second place mostly the entire way.

I headed out at 6am to pick up Chico in Haverhill and then we shot up to York to make it in time to pick up our bibs and do a warm up before the (early) 8am start. After picking up my number and using the facilities, I spotted series leader John Mentzer (pictured to my right) and we headed out together to do a warm up over the course. John has 1st place points in all of the series races this year and is essentially (no pun intended) 'running away with it'. He qualified for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials with a 2:19:33 at the 2006 Chicago Marathon and then came in 24th overall at the trials in NYC with a 2:18:23. He ran for Navy at posted PRs of 14:04 and 29:00 for 5k and 10k respectively. In other words, he's strong and has wheels. Though now just randomly training and racing, he's got my number in the series and I'm now focused on potentially securing a 2nd place spot (unless Chris Mahoney starts showing up again ;)...).

As we toed the starting line, it started to rain and was bordering on perfect weather for a summer 5k. There looked to be some decent younger runners in the field, so I wasn't sure what to expect. As the gun went off, the pace seemed to go out pretty smooth and manageable. It was John and I and one other guy for a bit. I'd say through the half mile, John and I broke away and ran side by side through the mile. Like last year, the mile marker was way off. 5:29 according to my watch, which was by no means accurate. At 1.5, there was a downhill section and that's where John broke away. He put in a brilliantly place surge and I didn't have a reaction. Through 2 miles he was about 10 or so seconds ahead of me and that's the way it went. I went through 2 in 10:18, which means my second mile, according to the split, was 4:49. Again, we know they are a bit off and were last year too. At least this year, I knew this at mile 1. Last year when I saw my mile 1 split I thought I was running bad and it may have actually affected the rest of my race. After the second mile, I stayed within yelling distance of John but never closed. He actually probably put a few more steps ahead of me over the last .1 and he finished up in 15:33. I was 13 seconds back in 15:46 (5:04 pace), exactly the same time I ran last year. The next guy was over 1 minute back. My last split was 5:26 for 1.1, so all 3 miles may have been a little off, but there is one thing for certain, and that is that this course can be pretty darn fast. Scott Masse had his Garmin read a perfect 3.1 for the distance, so I know it's legit (even though they do say it is certified).

Overall, I finished right where I should have and feel this race went OK. I ran exactly what I ran last year and was not in the greatest of fitness this weekend because of a rather late night on Friday and a very tired day yesterday. I outperformed my expectations for this race so I'll take it. For 2nd place, I got a pretty sweet medal and another Timex Ironman (Solar) watch ($79.95). I actually wear that same watch so it's cool to have a backup. Chico ran a PR today with a 23:37, which is very good considering he had 2 late nights in a row! After the awards and a cool down w/ with the muscle of the Goon Squad (Scott Masse & Dan Hill), Chico and I headed down to chill at Prescott Park in Portsmouth for a while before taking the scenic route home, though Portsmouth, New Castle, Rye.

Results - Top 10

115:335:01John Mentzer 32KITTERY ME
215:465:05Jim Johnson 32SALEM NH
316:565:28Stephen Hennigar23RYE NH
417:305:38Brandon Gerrish 17LEBANON ME
517:365:40Lance Powers 39ROCHESTER NH
617:365:40Matt Weber 28YORKBEACH ME
717:375:40Jasmin Lepir 33PORTSMOUTH NH
817:395:41Peter McNeil 25BARRINGTON NH
917:475:44Adam McCready 29DOVER NH
1017:505:45John Gagnon 42LEWISTON ME

785 Total Finishers.

Tomorrow will be an easy day, pace wise, and then it is on to Newburyport for a 10 mile (ahem) workout on Tuesday night.

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