Saturday, July 11, 2009

Portsmouth Harbour Trail 5k

Late Update: 7/10/09
Saturday it was up to Portsmouth, NH for the 14th Annual Portsmouth Harbour Trail 5k (results). I headed up solo, so no photos :(. However, pictured to the left is me getting outkicked at the very end... photo courtesy of 'aussiegtl' ...I lifted it from her flickr site...hope she doesn't mind.

I 'attempted' to run this back in 2007 and dropped out after the 1 mile mark. It was my first season of racing in 8 years and I wasn't feeling that great, had some stiffness from playing hockey a couple days prior (mistake), and I only made it a mile before whipping the singlet off and stepping out of the way. Last year, this race was on the same day as Ascutney, so I had to miss my opportunity to avenge my only DNF. This year, Ascutney changed to Sunday, so I got to head up and give this race a go. Too bad I crossed paths with Ethan Hemphill (for amazingly, the first time in a road race)...

Ethan's got wheels in case anyone out there is unfamiliar. Before the race, I was talking to Bob Wiles and he told me that Ethan was around I knew it wasn't going to be an easy day. As we lined up, the weather was already VERY hot, and looking around, I knew it would be a 4 man race between Bob, Me, Ethan, and Colin Ingram. The gun went off and immediately, Ethan went to the front but didn't really push the pace. I settled in right on his shoulder and there I stayed. The mile markers were way off so I won't even bother laying out the splits like I normally do, but we went through what was setup as Mile 1 and it was 5:32. Bob yelled 'slow!' from right behind Ethan and I. Ethan let out an expletive and laughed a bit before picking up the pace just a tad... It was the four of us (with Colin) through about 1.5 before Ethan and I put a little distance on the other two. Through 2, the clock read 10:18 (or a 4:45 second mile according to my watch)...again, the 10:18 may have been closer to accurate, but the splits were obviously off. I didn't get the 3rd mile split, but at 3 I was right on Ethan's shoulder and we just cruised into the last turn, at which time he waited until I crept up a bit and then he turned the jets on. He's got a pretty nice kick and I didn't have the wheels to react. The race tactics played out in his favor for sure, and I know we probably could have gone out harder and salvaged a faster time, but it is what it is...and another sub 16 is always welcome in my results.

I cooled down with Ethan after the race and got to talk to him for the first time...very nice guy who lives just far enough away up in Maine that I won't cross paths with his kick too much in the near future ;)...

For winning my age group, I got a $60 gift cert to Bicycle Bob's Bicycle Outlet in Portsmouth (good for a tuneup) and a $100 gift cert to Anneke Jans in Kittery, ME.

On to Ascutney tomorrow (I think...).

Top 10 (of 375):

115:525:07Ethan Hemphill 36Freeport ME
215:555:08Jim Johnson 32Salem NH
316:075:11Bob Wiles 31Kittery ME
416:225:17Colin Ingram 27Hampton NH
517:435:42Tobias Grindal 25Lebanon NH
617:475:44Louie Saviano 18Sandown NH
717:505:45Brandon Gerrish 17Lebanon MA
818:005:48Douglas Mercer 21Lakeport NH
918:055:49Peter McNeil 25Barrington NH
1018:185:54John Mercer 53Lakeport NH

All Time Sub 16 at The Portsmouth Harbour Trail 5k (WHEB Harbour Trail 5k)

114:50David Hinga 24LOWELL MA2000
215:02Dave Dunham 36BRADFORD MA2000
315:03Richard Bolt29MANCHESTER NH2000
415:08Zach Emerson (1)21Hillsboro NH2006
515:10Tim Cox 33Epsom NH 2006
615:20Craig Fram 41PLAISTOW NH2000
715:26Ethan Hemphill (1)32Freeport ME 2005
815:27Raymond Youngs 23DEERFIELD NH2001
915:30Mike O'Brien 35Durham NH1996
1015:31Richard Bolt 34Nashua NH 2005
1115:34Kevin Alliette25Methuen MA 2006
1215:36Mike Brady (1)40NEWMARKET NH2000
1315:37Dan Verrington (1)41BRADFORD MA 2003
1415:43Nathan Huppe 27Dover NH 2007
1515:44Dan Verrington (2)40BRADFORD MA 2002
1615:48Dan Verrington (3)36BRADFORD MA 1998
1715:51Zach Emerson (2)20Emmitsburg MD2005
T-1815:52Matthew Germain 25Haverhill MA2007
T-1815:52Ethan Hemphill (2)36Freeport ME2009
T-1915:55Jim Johnson 32Salem NH 2009
T-1915:55Moatascim Hamcha25DOVER NH2000
T-1915:55Mike Brady (2)39NEWMARKET NH1999
2015:56Timothy Rider 31Dover NH 2007
2115:58Jake Christiansen18Newipswich NH2007

*** ** No results available for 1997. No Sub 16s in 2004 or 2008.


  1. LOL, I meant to yell "It's long" at Mile 1, but at VVO2 pace it sounded like "Slow". I was already hanging on for dear life and wouldn't poke a bear like that! When we got there I remembered from last year that Mile 1 was about 15 seconds long.

  2. I enjoyed reading your race report. You're right; it's always good to go sub 16.

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