Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mid Year Numbers / Recap

Yeah yeah, I know I'm a week late with this but figured I'd throw out some numbers as a rare mid-week blog entry... The year started off good, with lots of snowshoe racing and a couple of strong longer races...but then I hit a stretch with injuries and bad, slow races, including the worst race/day of my life (on that Monday morning in April)...things are starting to get better and I plan on easing into higher mileage by the end of the summer to get ready for a big fall season.

(photo to the left is NOT from the past few weeks, although the weather has been close to being this bad...It is actually from the Greylock Glen Snowshoe Race - 1/17/09 - courtesy of Berkshire Sports...I'm the ninja in 3rd behind Justin Fyffe and Ben Nephew.)

Total miles run so far: 1716.6 (9 miles per day average) but with 25 days off. Not bad considering the problems I had in March and the general laziness I feel in the summer.... I've been doing A LOT of runs this year with other people... a lot more than last year at this time. This has kept me under control, pace-wise, during my runs. My mileage has been pretty low considering, but I feel it is keeping me in the game. As my mileage creeps up above 75ish, so does the chances of me getting hurt. I've noticed that keeping my mileage between 60 and 70 this past Spring/Summer, with a periodic day off, has allowed me to race often and feel fresh most of the time. I have no wheels right now, but was still able to crank out a 9:44 road 2 mile this past week off of zero speed work (I've been on the track maybe 2 or 3 times all year) and coming down out of the mountains.... I have to start getting more serious as the Baystate Marathon looms a little more than 14 weeks away... I plan on actually really doing some marathon training this time around (I know I know I've said that before and we all know what happened)... the good news on that front is that dd will be doing Baystate this year as well (he's STILL the course record holder, at least for the next 14 weeks...lots of guys gunning for it this year). Since a lot of my runs have been with Dave this season, I think we'll be able to do some appropriate training together and it will keep me honest with my mileage and longer runs. He's challenged me numerous times, to a race on the 18th of October, and I will oblige.

Mid year numbers...

Total Races so far this year: 33 (Total races this time last year: 19)

Races by type:
  • Road: 18
  • Snowshoe: 9
  • Mountain: 4
  • Trail: 1
  • Track: 1
- Wins: 11
- 2nds: 5
- 3rds: 5

Races by State:
  • NH: 21
  • MA: 8
  • ME: 1*
  • RI: 1
  • CT: 1
  • NY: 1
* Eastern States runs through 3 states. Counting this as Maine.

Amazingly, out of 33 races so far, I've run 21 different distances. Many of these weird distances are due to snowshoe/mountain/trail races, but oddly enough, I've actually run two 7ks so far.

Races by Distance
  • 2M: [x1]
  • 3M: [x1]
  • 5K: [x10]
  • 5.1K: [x1]
  • 3.5M: [x1]
  • 4M: [x1]
  • 4.11M: [x1]
  • 7k: [x2]
  • 5M: [x1]
  • 8.5K: [x1]
  • 5.7M: [x1]
  • 10K: [x2]
  • 11K: [x1]
  • 12K: [x1]
  • 7.6M: [x1]
  • 10M: [x2]
  • Half M: [x1]
  • 24K: [x1]
  • 16M: [x1]
  • 20M: [x1]
  • Full M: [x1]

Highlights so far this year:
  • Winning the USA National Mountain Championship Team title with CMS
  • Winning the Granite State Snowshoe Series
  • Winning at Loon Mountain and running 3:43 faster than last year, to run the third fastest time ever there, in it's current format (only behind CR Eric Blake and Paul Low).
  • 12th Place individual finish at USA National Mountain Championship at Cranmore
  • Running 30+ (old man) PRs in 2 Mile, 10k, 10M, and the Half Marathon distances (so far).
Looking ahead, I have some more summer racing to do, including the last in the mountain series (although I'm not going to be actually scoring in the series, seeing I'll only have 4 of 6 races completed). There are still 5 races left in the Seacoast Series, a couple of potential trail races for fun, and 3 more USATF-NE Grand Prix events to go, including the Baystate Marathon. I am also planning (as of right now) to go over to the US Trail Marathon Championships with a few of the CMS dudes in November. By early fall, the 2009-2010 snowshoe season schedules should be about ready, and my picture for 2010 will start to come into focus. I've already started to pencil in a tentative schedule for 2010, and as the summer winds down, the first part of 2010 will come into focus.


  1. Whoa! I need to up my miles to catch up.

    I had to double check the header to see what blog I was on ... this looked very much like a DD post. The lack of fire towers references clued me in. :)

    No wheels and a 9:44 two mile. Dang. What is it with wheels?

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