Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bill Luti 5M and Jason Hussey 5k

This past weekend was my 3rd weekend in a row of 2 races...although it would differ from the previous 2 because this time, I did both races on the same day (Saturday). It was a Luti/Hussey double for me, as the 42nd Annual Bill Luti 5 Miler was held at 9am in Concord, NH and the 19th Annual Jason Hussey 5k was held in Greenland, NH at 6pm. I had originally planned on just running the Jason Hussey race, but didn't realize until Friday that the race was at night. I contemplated running Luti on Friday night and then made the last minute decision on Saturday morning when I woke up. I figured if I ran poorly at Luti, I would come back and run the Jason Hussey race later in the day to try to redeem myself. I also figured that if I ran OK at Luti, I could pass on the 5k and call it a weekend... But a planned hike up in the Whites on Sunday made me think that a run on Sunday may be in the end, I ended up doing all my miles on Saturday and I showed up to both races and ran pretty decent, indicating that I only really need a few hours in between :). Pictured in the photo above is Coach Luti (left) talking to a young runner after the kids race.

Bill Luti 5 Mile Report:

I headed up to Concord, NH on Saturday morning (solo) to give the Bill Luti 5 Miler a go. All I've heard about this course is that it's got a couple of hills (I mapped it out on Gmaps Pedometer so you can see the elevation). The major hills come at the 1 and 3 mile marks, although there is also plenty of downhill as well. While the mile splits are up and down, I'd say it's a pretty fair course, but not one for running a PR on for sure. It's also officially 5 miles (instead of 8k) now, with a newly certified course this year and slightly different start and finish sequences. After a warm up with Dan Verrington, Scott Clark, and Scott Graham, I quickly changed into my super-retro Polar jersey (circa 1992 and courtesy of Eric Morse via Dave Dunham) and hit the starting area. On the line, I noticed a ton of talent including Mark Miller, Justin Freeman, Greg Hammett, Chris Mahoney, Seth Williams, and a few other usual suspects as well as a lot of younger faces that just plain looked fast. After a very quick gun, the race was off.

Justin, Mark Miller, and another younger runner were all out hard and by a quarter mile, they had broken away from what I think was the largest chase pack I've ever seen at a local road race like this. There was probably a chase pack of 15-20 guys through the first mile +. At points through the first 2 miles, Chris, Greg, myself, and a few others all took the official lead in the chase pack, though we all stayed pretty bunched up. Through the first mile, the first climb starts. I had forgotten my watch, so I didn't get the splits, but I believe Greg told me after that he was around 5:21 or so though that first mile (and I was right beside him). Pedestrian pace for sure, but with the hills looming, I think everybody but the first three guys were being conservative at the beginning. At the turn right before 2 miles Rich Smith motored past me (on a slight downhill section). I stayed close and by 2 miles, I was back in front and starting to close on the 3rd place guy who started to fall off the pace. I saw coach Luti at the 2 mile mark shout out '10:55'. I almost croaked. A slow pace through 2 in just about any distance race for me. I pushed on and by 3 miles had caught and passed the 3rd place runner who did try to stay with me for a bit, but then fell way off the pace. From 3 to 5 I was slowly reeling in Mark and could see Justin and the lead vehicle the entire way. Mark was looking back a lot, but to his credit, he hung tough and didn't relinquish the 2nd place spot. I finished in 3rd place (very surprisingly) and in the money. Justin hung on for his 2nd win in a row in this race. Mark (also a former winner of the race) held me off for 2nd. Though he is 'out of shape' according to his post race description of the day, Mark still once again managed to outduel me. In fact, I've never beaten Justin or Mark, so to be this close to them on a rather humid morning was just fine by me. 26:32 / 5:19 pace was a pleasant surprise, given the fact that my first 2 mile was 10:55.

After a cool down with the same crew + a few others, I stayed to watch them dish out the awards for the race and for the CARS series, in which Chris Mahoney took home the overall title. After that, a hot dog, and a few Polar Root Beers, I headed back down home to rest up and ponder going to the Jason Hussey 5k.

Top 10 + CMS in Blue

126:06:005:14Justin Freeman 32New Hampton NH
226:18:005:16Mark Miller 28Keene NH
326:32:005:19Jim Johnson 32Salem NH
427:08:005:26Alex McGrath 18Marlborough NH
527:14:005:27Chris Mahoney 31Haverhill MA
627:17:005:28Greg Hammett 31Chesterfield NH
727:19:005:28Rich Smith 39Enfield NH
827:27:005:30Andrew Chalmers 19Ashland NH
927:43:005:33Scott Clark 43Gilmanton NH
1027:47:005:34Scott McGrath 22Marlborough NH
1228:00:005:40Dan Verrington47Bradford MA

368 Total Finishers.

Jason Hussey 5k Report:

CoolRunning Results

After sitting around for a bit in the late morning/early afternoon, I decided to head up to the Jason Hussey race and try for some additional prize money. Looking through past results, I figured I may be able to squeak one out up there, even with a 5 miler under my belt for the day. 4pm, left Salem and headed up to Greenland, NH. About a 35 minute ride to arrive in plenty of time to be one of the first ones there. The locals were setting up for a community event with food, vendors, and some live music on the bandstand... After signing up and wandering around a bit, I didn't think there would be many other runners there that I'd recognize, due to the time of the race (6pm) and the weather (still being VERY humid and hot). It didn't take me long though to spot Casey Carroll running over to registration, so I knew it wasn't going to be an easy run for me...I also saw him talking to a couple of younger guys later on who I thought may have been UNH guys or at least some college guys he knew through coaching... Max Thomas and his dad rolled in near 5pm and around 5:15 or so, Max and I ran up the first mile of the course (a pretty substantial uphill climb) and then back down. I wasn't too picky about the mileage, having already run 11 or so miles earlier in the day. Because the course is a straight out and back on one road, it did give me the opportunity to see most of the course. I knew the first mile would be slow...and the last had the potential of being fast... After a quick decision to go without a singlet, we were off to the starting line to do some last minute strides. I was afraid to push too hard on the strides or any part of the warm up because I had no idea how my legs were going to hold up.

The gun went off and I immediately became aware that my calves where pretty tight from the race earlier in the day. The pace seemed pretty relaxed and I had Casey to one side, a younger runner to my other side, and a couple of other younger runners right behind, including Max. The race doesn't take long before the course starts to climb uphill for a good distance to the mile mark. We went through the mile in 5:18, which I believe may have been close to being right, seeing a decent amount of it is uphill... Once past the mile, the next half mile is very flat up to the turn around point. When I reached the turnaround, I was surprisingly alone with maybe a 15 or so second lead. Over the next half mile, I think I kept up a pretty solid pace and by 2 mile mark I had a pretty large lead and couldn't really make out who was next in line. I am thinking the 2 mile mark may have been a little early, as it didn't really seem close to where the first mile marker was at all (the race starts and finishes in the same spot, so the 1 and 2 mile markers should have been in the same general area) and I went through in 9:59 (though the volunteer calling out the splits told me '9:55'). The 9:59 by my watch would have given me a 4:41 second mile, which was all completely flat, and had a sharp turnaround in the middle of the road. Also, the last mile was almost all downhill and I should have run faster, as my pace seemed to be the same all the way to the line...and ended up coming in at 15:51, so the 2 mile mark was probably 15 seconds too early I'd say, as there is no way I ran 5:52 for my last 1.1 downhill. In the end though, I was very happy with the effort and thrilled I was able to hold off Casey and the rest of the guys on a very hot and humid night, and only 8 hours removed from running the 5 miler earlier in the day. Clipping is from the Portsmouth Herald's Sunday Edition - 7-19-09 (click to enlarge).

Top 10:

115:515:07Jim Johnson 32Salem NH
216:465:24Casey Carroll 37Dover NH
316:535:26Stephen Hennigar23Rye NH
416:575:28Brandon Gerrish 17Lebanon ME
517:165:34Erik Travis 25Lee NH
617:205:35Tobias Grindel 25Sedgwick ME
717:535:46Max Thomas 17Wolfeboro NH
818:105:51Ryan Brady 15Durham NH
918:145:52Michael Brady 49Durham NH
1018:245:56Miles Brady 18Durham NH

174 Total Finishers.

Below photos courtesy of Tad Thomas.


  1. You're a whack job. Nice racing.

  2. Did you notice if they still present a wood carved duck handmade by Coach Luti?

    I have one in my display case (from 2000 race, I think) gorgeous work

  3. Nice job!!

    My favorite part of the accompanying article is where they say your goal for the year is to qualify for Snowshoe Nationals. I just love that because you have to figure that half the people who would read the article don't even know what the heck Snowshoe Nationals are.

  4. Paul:
    The other half realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE to NOT qualify for Snowshoe Nationals.

  5. Damn, what a day! I ran Luti and the conditions made it a tough slog, but to run a second race - and WIN! - is extremely impressive. Glad I stumbled upon your blog. Hope to keep track of more of your interesting running exploits. Cheers, ESG (aka, Ron)

  6. Yeah, what Tilton said. Only wish I was capable of being that crazy. Nice double, J!

  7. Jimmy: They are probably not into blogging but here's something to aspire to...

    10 year period. See how many races you can do. (they kind of cheat by how many 1500-2 mile races they count)

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