Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baystate Training Week 1 (7-20 - 7-26)

Week 1 of the Baystate Marathon Training Cycle

Monday: PM: Dreadmill run. 6 at 7 min pace (42:00). That's it. Easing into this week. Recovering from double (racing) on Saturday and a 10k hike on Sunday... calves were tight and work was busy... Total: 6

Tuesday: PM: River trail from school (1:23:46). Wet, muddy, and dark. Rolled my ankle right before the turn around. Had to stop for 10 min. to stretch it out and decide whether I could run back...pain and tightness got better and it felt better as I came back. 42:42 out and 41:04. Got home and iced. Total: 12

Wednesday: PM: Trail run at Winni. First 1 (basin loop) solo + last 8 with Ken Tripp (59:51). Shanked the SAME ankle as Tuesday about 2 minutes from the end of the run. Had to stop for a minute...killed. Shook it off, finished up...got home and iced. Would have added on if this didn't happen. Total: 9

Thursday: PM: Town bagging session: Hampstead, Sandown, Chester, Fremont, Danville, NH (roads) http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3031243 Bonked around 12 and hung on... ankle 'ok'. Essentially getting my body acclimated to running longer than 10 miles on the roads. Total: 16.7

Friday: PM: Haverhill roads w/ Ken Tripp - http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3034865. Muggy and raining (1:18:47). Total: 11.7

Saturday: PM: Lake St. out and back - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - Solo. Felt like crap. My have been a tad hungover (believe it or not) from Friday's 6 beer excursion. Very hot, very sluggish (54:40). Total: 8

Sunday: AM: 3.1 mile warm up with John Mentzer (over the course in York, ME) - (21:40) + Race: York Days 5k - 15:46 + 3.1 mile cool down - half solo and half with GSR - (23:00). Total: 9.3

Weekly Total: 72.8 Miles

Good start to the training cycle (funny that I am even talking about a 'training cycle') I guess. Essentially I can't get 'too' caught up in numbers, but want to make sure that I am at the very least, better prepared for running 26.2 miles on the roads than I have been my last 2 times (which is anything better than being completely unprepared). This means running more miles than normal for me... more than 60s. I need to increase my mileage and do longer runs... bottom line. Also throw in some goal MP'd runs in there too. That's it though. I'm not going to research training plans or fret too much about anything else. I know what doesn't particularly work and will address it as best I can and we'll see what the result is. I'd like to be able to go through 10 miles at my goal MP pace (which will be 6 min pace) and actually feel like I can keep going. That hasn't really happened yet. Tonight is Newburyport (Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler). I bonked here last year because of the heat and because I went out at 5:07 for my first mile... This year, it's just as hot, but I know what NOT to do over the first couple miles... we'll see how it goes.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good plan. I think the trick is miles and consistancy. I think CMS is going to rock Bay State!!!

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