Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mount Washington - Top Finishers Video - 1997-2001

I'll refer to this batch of videos as "The Kenyan Invasion". I put all remaining 5 in this group, as Washington is now only days away... this is my last batch of video clips until I begin work on ripping the real videos (full) after this years race. Featured here are snippets from the years 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001. Daniel Kihara wins 3 times in a row (for 4 total Washington victories) from 1999-2001. Fram wins in 1997, and breaks the Masters course record in 2001 for a huge payday ($4,100 for Masters record, $300 for finishing 3rd overall, $250 for winning the age graded (WAVA) competition, and $100 for being the top NH finisher). CMS Men's Open won all 5 years (for a total of 10 in a row up until this point). Like 1995 and 1996, the camera angles are great, as it was filmed right on the corner of 'the wall' for the first group of runners. I ripped them onto the computer and labelled each finisher with name, age, place, and time. We'll include the top 10 or so finishers (some will be a little more). The full videos from each year can be purchased here.

(**Once you start playing the video, press the HQ button to enable High Quality playback...Considering this was from a VHS cassette that was a copy of a copy of a copy, it won't be that great as far as quality goes, but it's better than the standard playback quality.)

1997 - Top 10 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Craig Fram38Plaistow NHCMS1:04:48
2Eric Morse32Montpelier VTCMS1:05:38
3Thomas Borschel39Idaho Falls IDGCS1:07:09
4Dan Verrington34Bradford MACMS1:08:31
5Thomas Murdock III33Somerville MAIATC1:09:26
6Joel St-Louis35Fleurinot PQ CAN 1:09:37
7Steve Peterson31Chelmsford MACMS1:09:52
8Mike Casner35Keene NHCMS1:10:03
9Craig Widness26Denver CO 1:10:24
10Richard Bolt26Lunenburg MACMS1:10:34

From dd's book:

June 21, 1997
929 Finishers

Conditions for the race were not ideal. It was hot and humid at the start, and the record 929 finshers were met by 55 MPH winds, drizzle, and fog at the summit.

1998 - Top 17 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Matt Carpenter33Manitou Springs CO 1:00:24
2Eric Morse33Montpelier VTCMS1:02:31
3Simon Gutierrez32Albuquerque NM 1:03:23
4Dave Dunham34Bradford MACMS1:03:38
5Thierry Icart29Le Villaret FRA 1:04:40
6Tom Borschel40Idaho Falls IDGCS1:05:42
7Mike Casner36Keene NHCMS1:05:48
8Dan Verrington35Bradford MACMS1:07:20
9Jeremy Wright24Laramie WY1:07:50
10Spyros Barres35Mystic CTPfizer1:09:17
11Steve Peterson32Chelmsford MACMS1:09:41
12Bob Hodge42Clinton MACMS1:09:54
13Tony Bates39Salisbury VT 1:09:59
14Seth Williams20Manomet MA 1:10:02
15Magdalena Thorsell33Albuquerque NM 1:10:09
16Adam Hersh26Hanover NHCMS1:10:43
17Fergus Cullen26West Hartford CTHTC1:10:51

From dd's book:

June 20, 1998
892 Finishers

The weather was mild with temperatures in the 50s and winds of only 5 MPH...

1999 - Top 14 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Daniel Kihara31Royersford PA (KEN)59:03
2Matt Carpenter34Manitou Springs CO 59:16
3Dave Dunham35Bradford MACMS1:00:37
4Eric Morse34Berlin VTCMS1:01:09
5Simon Gutierrez33Albuquerque NMAdidas1:01:38
6Joseph Lemay32Danbury CTAdidas1:03:04
7Rich Davis29Fort Collins CO 1:03:32
8Thomas Anderson34Keene NHCMS1:04:36
9Scott Elliott35Boulder CO 1:05:53
10Richard Bolt28Pepperell MACMS1:06:00
11Fergus Cullen27West Hartford CTGLRR1:06:22
12Thomas Murdock III35Somerville MAIATC1:06:43
13Edward Sheldon34Manchester NHGCS1:07:02
14Stephen Peterson33Chelmsford MACMS1:08:22

From dd's book:

June 19, 1999
918 Finishers

The 45 degree temperatures coupled with little wind, 90-mile visibility and 70 degree temperaturs at the base set the stage for a fast race...

2000 - Top 11 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Daniel Kihara32Royersford PA (KEN)59:24
2Joseph Kibor27Concord MA 1:00:04
3Dave Dunham36Bradford MACMS1:02:28
4Eric Morse35Berlin VTCMS1:04:54
5Dan Verrington37Bradford MACMS1:07:50
6Mike Casner38Keene NHCMS1:09:30
7Fergus Cullen28West Hartford CTGLRR1:09:58
8Richard Bolt29Manchester NHCMS1:10:45
9Simon Karori40Concord MA 1:11:25
10Stephen Peterson34Chelmsford MACMS1:13:35
11Robert Ratcliffe42Lincoln MA 1:14:49

From dd's book:

June 17, 2000
891 Finishers

2001 - Top 13 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Daniel Kihara33Kenya1:00:06
2Dave Dunham37Bradford MACMS1:04:20
3Craig Fram42Plaistow NHWHRIL1:04:29
4Eric Morse36Berlin VTCMS1:05:00
5Dan Verrington38Bradford MACMS1:08:42
6Larry Sayers41Bellows Falls VTCMS1:10:43
7Mike Casner39Keene NHCMS1:11:13
8Nick Conway26Alplaus NYWillow Street AC1:11:15
9Fergus Cullen29Laconia NHCMS1:11:21
10Michael Woodman35Timonium MD 1:12:07
11Jeff Day30Berea OH 1:12:22
12Stephen Peterson35Chelmsford MACMS1:12:33
13Anna Pichrtova27Waynesboro VA 1:12:22

From dd's book:

June 16, 2001
897 Finishers

Temperatures on race day set the tone as it was in the 80s at the base and the summit reached 56 degrees. Winds on the top were 50 MPH and at times the visibility was down to thirty feet.


  1. I think you should have called them the "pre-Kevin Tilton era".

  2. Great stuff. Thanks for posting these.

  3. Well, that is understood...every year pre-2002 was collectively part of the 'pre-Tilton' era...

    GZ...no problemo...now I'm outta video :)... every entry from now on won't live up to the magic of these....

  4. I actually did run the race in 2000, but I ran a 1:53:20 and finished in 451st place. I think I may have the largest gap between fastest and slowest times in the history of the race!

  5. You'll have to stop by and borrow the next batch! Nice work.

  6. Okay - I think I qualify for a new category of bloggers. Western old guys who drag arse or something like that. Great meeting you guys - what a great crew you got there.