Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mount Washington - Top Finishers Video - 1994-1996

I'll refer to this batch of videos as "The CMS Dynasty". Featured here are snippets from the years 1994, 1995, and 1996. CMS Men's Open won all 3 years and set team records in 1995 and 1996 (as they also did previously in '93 and then again in '99 and 2005). 1994 is pretty uneventful but 1995 and 1996 are two of my favorite ones because the camera views get interesting as the videographer gets down closer to the wall for some of the top guys, and the battles up front are intense... The 'Fram' days of CMS... Also back when Morse wore a singlet... In the 1995 video, 17 year old Seth Williams finishes in style with his Footlocker Nationals singlet on... good stuff. DD loaned me a video he made, of the top 10 or so finishers from each year, and with race director Bob Teschek's permission, I ripped them onto the computer and labelled each finisher with name, age, place, and time. We'll include the top 10 or so finishers (some will be a little more). The full videos from each year can be purchased here.
(**Once you start playing the video, press the HQ button to enable High Quality playback...Considering this was from a VHS cassette that was a copy of a copy of a copy, it won't be that great as far as quality goes, but it's better than the standard playback quality.)

1994 - Top 13 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Dave Dunham30Londonderry NHCMS1:03:12
2Neji Makhlouf31TUN 1:05:07
3Abraham Limo32KEN 1:05:48
4Mike Casner 32Keene NHCMS1:06:26
5Robert Ratcliffe32Cambridge MA1:06:35
6Eric Morse29Moretown VTCMS1:07:12
7Scott Clark28Gilmanton NHCMS1:07:40
8Daniel Kithuka20KEN 1:08:03
9Karl Meltzer Jr.26Salt Lake City UT 1:08:45
10Jim Garcia35Westford MACMS1:09:57
11Keith Woodward43East Corinth VT1:10:03
12Chuck Smead42Mosca CO1:11:13
13Steve Peterson28Hopkinton MACMS1:11:32

From dd's book:

June 18, 1994
884 Finishers

Hot weather was the theme for this edition of the race, with swealtering temperatures approaching 90 at the base and a near record 66 at the top. There was little wind to cool the runners in the 87% humidity...

1995 - Top 21 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Gideon Mutisya28Amsterdam NY (KEN) 1:01:42
2Craig Fram36Hampstead NHCMS1:03:20
3Dave Dunham31Londonderry NHCMS1:03:20
4Eric Morse30Moretown VTCMS1:03:37
5Eddy Hellebuyck34Albuquerque NM 1:04:49
6Andy Ames32Boulder CO1:05:16
7Bob Ratcliffe37Cambridge MA 1:05:29
8Robert Pierce34Alfred ME1:06:44
9Matthew Cull34Manchester Ctr. VT1:06:55
10Scott Clark29Gilmanton NHCMS1:07:00
11Seth McClennen23Norwich CT 1:07:08
12Thomas Murdock III31Somerville MA 1:07:12
13Mike Casner33Keene NHCMS1:08:40
14Keith Woodward44East Corinth VT 1:09:05
15Jim Garcia36Westford MACMS1:09:13
16Karl Meltzer27Salt Lake City UT 1:09:28
17Bob Hodge39Clinton MA 1:10:03
18Rick Stuart37Phoenix AZ 1:10:34
19Lachlan Campbell22Groton CT 1:10:55
20Stephen Peterson29Lowell MACMS1:11:01
21Seth Williams17Manomet MA1:11:10

From dd's book:

June 17, 1995
929 Finishers

...just a bit breezy...

1996 - Top 11 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Daniel Kihara28Norristown PA (KEN)58:21
2Dave Dunham32Bradford MACMS 1:02:24
3Eric Morse31Moretown VTCMS1:03:46
4Craig Fram37Plaistow NHCMS1:04:22
5Robert Ratcliffe38Auburndale MA1:05:13
6Dan Verrington33Bradford MACMS1:05:43
7Andy Ames33Boulder CO 1:05:48
8Mike Casner34Marlow NHCMS1:08:00
9Thomas Murdock III32Somerville MA 1:08:05
10Kip Kemboi Kimeli29Albuquerque NM 1:08:52
11Stephen Peterson30Chelmsford MACMS1:08:59

From dd's book:

June 15, 1996
911 Finishers

Temperatures were in the seventies at the base and fifties at the summit as 911 lined up for the annual race up the auto road...


  1. It's funny how every result you post for Mt Washington has Petey as the last name on the list. Rock on Petey!!

  2. hahahaha....I was wondering WHO would be the first one to notice that. When DD made the spliced tape w/ all the years, he did it for him and Petey.... so coincidentally Petey is usually near the tail end :)...

    You just worry about beating me TO the hill next Saturday morning!

  3. Am I the only one that is seeing the videos listed as private? :(

  4. ooops...ok sorry should be fixed now.

  5. I'm betting on you beating me to the rock pile and up the rock pile. But you never know!!!

    Heck back in 1990, I beat DD in a marathon in 20 degrees and snowing, but now he's claiming on his blog that that wasn't his PW because he wasn't racing. He paid his entry fee and toed the line, therefore it's a RACE. I know he's going to kick my back side for this :-)

  6. Man...I am just hoping to beat my 14 year old time in returning to running after a 10 or so year hiatus. It is a long climb back from my prior hobby of "drinking beer and watching the Red Sox" as my wife liked to describe it.