Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009 Rhody 5k

Sunday's crime scene was Lincoln, Rhode Island for the 10th Annual Rhody 5k (results) which serves once again as the USATF-New England 5k Road Championships. This year, it was once again a scorcher, as the temps hovered around 80 degrees, but the field was a little deeper up front so it made for an interesting day. The heat got the best of quite a few people and some of the big guns dropped out in the first couple miles... I even took water at the first water stop, just to splash over my head to keep my temp down a bit.

I won't go too deep into a race write up here, as for some reason I'm not really in the mood...but overall I am very pleased with my time and effort today. I sat out in the sun all day yesterday, ran a bit too hard in my run (mid day) and then got no more than 2 hours of sleep last night. So I was pretty sure I'd tank today, but just the opposite happened (to my surprise). I went out relatively conservative (for grand prix 5k standards) at 4:57 and was no where near the top 20. I passed a few usual suspects during the first mile, was repassed during the second mile, and made up some ground and did some re-repassing during mile 3. I went through 2 miles in 10:05 (I was shooting for sub 10), but started to increase the pace slightly over the last mile as I started to pick off some guys that usually beat me pretty handily in the grand prix races. Just after 2 miles I was right behind Justin Fyffe who was no doubt feeling his Vermont City and Pack Monadnock races the past 2 weeks (that boy better rest up for Washington!) and not too far back of our top guy today, Andy McCarron. As we approached the entrance to the track, I was right on Sean Livingston and had just passed Justin, Ben Ndaya and Nick Wheeler. As we hit the last section, on the dog track, Sean took off on me, Andy dropped into another gear, and I was shooting to pass one last guy from Adidas New England right at the line (although they have him in front of me in the results...doesn't make a bit of difference in the final scoring though). In the end I finished 2 ticks faster than last year at 15:42 and 18th overall out of 440. My best Grand Prix finish so far (previous being 19th place at the 6k last year). I will gladly take it.

Splits: 5k - 15:42 (5:03 pace) - 18th out of 440

Mile 1) 4:57
Mile 2) 5:08 (10:06)
Mile 3) 5:02 (15:08)
last 3.1) :32 (15:41)

CMS group photo (less a few of the anti-socials that were MIA during the shoot) L-R back row: Greg Putnam, Jim Pawlicki, Ben Strain. L-R front row: Tim VanOrden, Jim Johnson, Joe Shairs, Dave Dunham, Dan Verrington, Tim Mahoney.

The CMS Men's Open team placed 5th overall (of 19 teams), The Men's Masters placed 2nd of 11 teams.

Top 20 Overall plus CMS in blue:

114:334:41Luke Meyer 26Ridgefield CT BAA
214:464:46Joseph Koech 40Melrose MA R.UN
314:534:48Mark Carroll 37Providence RI
415:074:52Matthew Ely 33Natick MA BAA
515:104:53Dan Vassallo 24Wilmington MA ADIDAS N.E.
615:124:54Justin Freeman 32New Hampton NH R.UN
715:174:55Matthew Kerr 33Newton MA BAA
815:184:56Ben Schmeckpeper 26Charlestown MA BAA
915:214:57Brendan Callahan 27West Hartford CT BAA
1015:264:58Dan Smith 30Boston MA GBTC
1115:284:59Kevin Somers 31Jamaica Plain MA GBTC
1215:315:00Jim St Pierre 35Dracut MA R.UN
1315:345:01Brendan Prindiville32Boston MA BAA
1415:355:01Ethan Crain 36Nashua NH GCS TRIAD
1515:385:02Andy McCarron 26Lunenburg MA CMS
1615:395:02Sean Livingston 40Barrington RI WHIRL
1715:425:03Claton Conrad 27North Yarmouth MEADIDAS N.E.
1815:425:03Jim Johnson 32Salem NH CMS
1915:445:04Matthew Haringa 25Brighton MA GBTC
2015:455:04Nicholas Wheeler 23Buxton ME ADIDAS N.E.
2615:495:06Alan Bernier 34Newton NH CMS
2915:545:08Justin Fyffe 29E. Dummerston VTCMS
3616:025:10Ben Strain 30Beverly MA CMS
3716:045:10Joe Shairs 41Peabody MA CMS
3916:065:11Greg Putnam 39Reading MA CMS
5516:265:18Tim Van Orden 41Bennington VT CMS
6016:305:19Dave Dunham 45Bradford MA CMS
6416:355:20Tim Mahoney 29Northampton MA CMS
6516:365:21Jim Pawlicki 34CMS
7117:045:30Dan Verrington 46Bradford MA CMS
8617:315:39Dennis Floyd 32CMS
9117:385:41Kevin Connor 44Paxton MA CMS
15219:566:25Edward Coleman 46Auburn MA CMS
16220:066:28David Krom 50Worcester MA CMS
22922:077:07Jim Daley 73New Ipswich NH CMS
24723:147:29Grant Hauver 11Holden MA CMS

Total Finishers: 440.

Kristin took some photos (men's race only...sorry :( ) that can be viewed here. Next week is Market Square 10k in Portsmouth, NH and the following week is 'the hill'...

Photos below by Mr. Scott Mason


  1. Nice race, JJ. The "new" singlet looks good. I trust you got rid of Newman's hairs. Seriously, nice job.
    Sounds like the conditions were a lot different then around here in NH!

  2. Thanks Dave...had an ok race today for a change :)... good to see you are keeping up w/ the training...hope your foot is getting better... 2 weeks until the hill!

  3. Way to go JJ. Finishing in the top 20 in those races is a huge accomplishment. I can't wait to see how you do at Bay State!

  4. Nice race and good luck in Portsmouth next weekend.

  5. Thanks Man! You too! And thanks for not putting MSD 10k on your schedule ;)....

  6. great run, Taz... proud of you

  7. My new coach at Boston College beat you.

    #7 Matthew Kerr