Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 Market Square Day 10K

Sunday was once again up to Market Square in Portsmouth, NH for the 3rd race in the 2009 Seacoast Road Race Series. This was my third Market Square Day 10k (results) and it didn't disappoint. I love this race and the festival that follows.

Kristin and I picked up Chico in Haverhill, MA at 7:15 and arrived up in Portsmouth by 8am. To me, this exact day and race is why I lace them up day in and day out...I'd like to think that most everyone out there who races or runs even somewhat competitively every now and then, has one of these days or events in which they think about most of the year and look forward to more than anything else...this is it for me. I sacrificed running in dd's Northfield Mountain Race this weekend to head back up and give this race another go. It is something about the race, the course, the city, the atmosphere, and just plain being there that brings me back now, year after year.

After getting our numbers and doing a quick change, I was off to do my warm up, slightly later than I would have liked. I also had to wait in line for the bathroom, which pushed my warm up time back even further and forced me to go only 2 miles instead of 3. But just as the race was about to start I was fortunately focused and calmed down as I spotted Scott Rowe (2:29 '06 Boston / 2:27 '07 Manchester Marathons) who has been right behind me at Redhook and in front of me this year at Alton Bay. I also saw Seacoast Road Race Series leader John Mentzor and B.A.A.'s Pat Moulton right before the race started. As soon as I picked Pat out of the crowd (and didn't see any of the NY Kenyans who sometimes make the trip up) I knew how at least the very front of the race would pan out... Even if I had seen last year's winner milling around before the race, I still would have put Pat right up in front for sure.

As the gun went off, it was evident that it would be a pretty hot one out there and I was concerned that I hadn't properly hydrated over the course of the last 24hrs. I felt sluggish and tight on the warm up and quickly felt some signs of dehydration as I sprinted out behind Pat and another fast starter over the course of the first half minute or so.... Almost immediately I settled (after the first 200 or so meters) into 3rd place along side and then right in front of Scott Rowe and behind Pat and John. There I stayed for the entire race, essentially never more than 10 or 15 seconds behind John, but never really reeling him in either. I think I ran somewhat content in 3rd place and truthfully thought of just trying to finish in the money. Never would I have imagined that I would be able to finish in the top 3 and believed that my 4th place squeak-out last year would be my best finish.... Before 5k, I knew that barring disaster, I was going to at least hold 3rd, as I occasionally peeked back around some of the turns through the nice residential sections of Portsmouth. I built up a pretty substantial lead on Scott and didn't really notice by the end that he had been overtaken by Bob Wiles (Kittery ME). I took water at every water stop but one (and there seemed to be quite a few for a 10k). I almost never take water unless the race is 10+ miles and most of the time it's usually just to splash over my head or in my face. I mainly splashed it over me and took in very little, as I was more concerned at that point with my body overheating out there in the 82-83 degree weather at race time. In the end, I really feel pretty good about this one and ran pretty strong and even (for me) the entire race. I finished in 3rd place (one better than last year), and set my 30+ PR in the 10k of 32:45...I also finished 'in the money' for the first time here and was very pleased to have done so at this historic and typically very competitive race.

Splits for 10K : 32:45 (5:17 pace) - 3rd of 1665

Mile 1) 5:04
Mile 2) 5:14 (10:19)
Mile 3) 5:12 (15:32)
Mile 4) 5:35 (21:07)
Mile 5) 5:12 (26:22)
Mile 6) 5:18 (31:41)
last .2) 1:03 (32:44)

5ks : 16:17 / 16:28

It was also very nice that my friend Chico tagged along and ran in his 4th road race ever (4th this year) and his 3rd Seacoast series race. He finished in 56:45 (9:08 pace) in his first ever 10k. That was good enough for 829th place of 1665, once again beating more than half the field. After I was done with my race, I backtracked a little on the course and ran the last mile or so, into the finish with him...It was fun to run along side and offer support and motivation and great to see him be able to run the entire thing, on a pretty hot day. My parents once again made the trip down and were there cheering us on, and Kristin took some very nice shots of the race as usual. One unfortunate note was near the very end, when two trailered boats somehow made their way onto the last street and got in her way as she tried to get Pat as he was coming into the finish...other than that, the photos are great and can be seen in the usual spot.

The race writeup (Fosters) can be seen here.

Next up is the 49th annual Mount Washington Road Race in the White Mountains of NH this coming weekend. I'll be heading up on Friday afternoon and it should hopefully be another fantastic day with family and friends on 'the hill'.

Pictured to the left is your humble narrator, my Mom & Dad, and the lovely & talented Kristin.


  1. Nice singlet but you need matching shorts.

  2. you need to 'give' me the matching shorts.

    thank you.

  3. Any available race wear gear should be given to the teammate with the most kids!
    Nice race JJ. I called the race director on Friday and was denied entry. I felt like saying "do you know who I am?" , but I didn't.

  4. Thanks Dave... Yeah, lots of people tried or wanted to get in at the last minute I guess (including Wilson according to the Fosters article)... Last year he did the same thing w/ Redhook. Seems like they have a pretty strict policy of capping at the said limit... I registered a couple months ago ...I tend to pre-reg for anything w/ a cap for sure...

  5. nice race, looks like Moulton had some competition. And dope singlet.

  6. hopefully dd will hook me up w/ some dope shorts to go w/ said singlet....

  7. Nice race Jim. Sounds like that was a good final tune up for Mt Washington. Remember DD pick himself to beat you by 1 second up there. If I were you I'd bet him a pair of shorts that match the singlet.