Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big Lake Half Marathon

Saturday was my 23rd race of 2009 and it took me up to Alton Bay, New Hampshire for the Big Lake Half Marathon (results). It was my first go at the distance this year and my 3rd half marathon ever. I am pleased at the fact that I actually PR'd with a 1:13:36 (14 seconds faster than I ran at New Bedford last year). This course seemed far more difficult than New Bedford, as it was up and down for most of the race, with next to no flat sections to settle down on. I had no plan for this, other than to try to finish in the top 4 to simply get my money back ($200/100/75/50/25 for top 5). Chris Mahoney ran very well up front for most of the race with Scott Rowe (2:29 '06 Boston / 2:27 '07 Manchester Marathons) battling him for most of the race. Wilson Perez held 3rd alone for most of the race, and I was in no-man's land for the entire thing. I could see the top 3 in front of me for just about the entire race and never lost sight of them except for the brief couple mile stint along Old Route 11 (a pretty winding and hilly stretch of residential road right along the shore of the lake), which made it easier for me to keep pluggin' away.

Photos by Kristin

Splits: Half Marathon - 1:13:36 (5:37 pace) - 4th of 974

Mile 01 - 5:10
Mile 02 - 5:34 (10:45)
Mile 03 - 5:30 (16:16)
Mile 04 - 5:45 (22:02)
Mile 05 - 5:41 (27:43)
Mile 06 - 5:52 (33:36)
Mile 07 - 5:27 (39:03)
Mile 08 - 5:28 (44:32)
Mile 09 - 5:54 (50:26)
Mile 10 - 5:08 (55:34)
Mile 11 - 5:52 (1:01:27)
Mile 12 - 5:44 (1:07:12)
Mile 13 - 5:49 (1:13:01)
Last .1 - :35 (1:13:36)

Elevation (click to enlarge)

After the race, Kristin and I headed back up around the bay and up to Wolfeboro for some lunch and shopping (the card I play to get her to go to these races ;) ).

Next up is the Bedford 12k this coming weekend, which serves as the USATF-NE Grand Prix 12k Road Championship.


  1. Nice job. I hope your back is holding up okay.

    Carpool for the 12km???

  2. thanks man... u2. Way to cherrypick my friend! I'm feeling better every day (as in my confidence is coming back). My back was brutal though after the race (and is still pretty tight)...I barely made it home after we did some walking around and grabbed lunch.... Spasms and stiffness... Didn't affect me at all during the run though. Nice and smooth and felt strong the whole time. 1:13:36 isn't exactly a high caliber time by any means, but it is about as good as it gets for me I think... so in the words of 'double d mountain runner'...'I'll take it.'

  3. Yeah, we can pool if you want. Is Daniel coming?

  4. Wow - 73. Nice job. Sub 70 for you at Mt Washington seems to be setting up well.

  5. Thanks GZ...13 miles is way out of my wheelhouse for sure... but then again, so are hills ;).

  6. JJ, Great job Satuday. All that marathon training had made you strong.

  7. Thanks Scotty! You too! I think your incessant taunting and ragging on me at the starting line helped propel me forward faster than usual...

  8. Nice race Jim. Reading race reports make me miss road running. My feet don't miss it though.