Sunday, April 26, 2009

Warm Weekend Double

Hotter than hades this weekend but I pulled a double only 5 and 6 days after my disaster in Boston... I had to do this to shake off the bad vibes I picked up somewhere between Hopkinton and Boylston St.  I took Tuesday and Wednesday off, then started back up on Thursday and Friday before heading up to Portsmouth on Saturday morning as a last minute decision to run the Out of Hibernation 5k (results).  I ran pretty well here with just one other runner to work with through the first mile, then solo the last 2.  Very fast last mile with a slight downhill incline most of the way. The first mile was completely flat and the second mile has 3 hills, with one being pretty long and steep (the 2 mile mark is right at the top).  It was pretty hot, zero wind, and not too much shade but I was able to dip below 16 for the first time this year w/ a 15:44.  Only 152 runners toe'd the line in this one...kinda strange considering the beautiful day and the fact that last year's race had about 100 more runners show up... One interesting thing was seeing a guy on the line w/ no shoes or socks on... Not sure what he ran for a time, but he looked pretty fast. Went up solo, so no photoset from this one...

Sunday, it was up back up to the seacoast, to Dover, NH to run in the 28th Annual Red's Shoe Barn 5 Miler (results). My goal for the day was to go up there, run 5-something per mile, have fun, and be at another race up in the seacoast in the beautiful (considering the winter we've had) weather... mission accomplished.  It was brutally hot and the course is pretty hilly (although I believe dd has the course record w/ a blistering 24:13, tied w/ Craig Fram a year later)... Since this was my 3rd race of the week, and second in 24 hrs, I figured just going for a top 3 finish would be good.  Immediately upon getting to the registration area, I saw Nate Huppe, who is training for Vermont City, and Casey Carroll, who is always dangerous.  Casey had 4 of his UNH guys there as well, including the eventual race winner Matt O'Connor.   At the gun, the sun and heat were brutal and Matt went out like he was shot out of a cannon.  Casey, Nate, and I let him go and ran in 2,3,4 for the first mile.  Shortly after the first mile, Casey and Nate picked it up and Casey dropped a 4:54 2nd mile.  Nate went with him and I knew in the back of my mind, because of the heat, it was a bad idea to go with them.  I took it slow and steady through 2 and 3 and was soon out of range.  Casey was long gone, and Nate was falling back but still way ahead of me.  By 3.5, I was right on Nate's back and he was fading fast.  I went by Nate over the next half mile.  At 4, I looked up the last of the big hills and saw Casey coming back to me.  At 4.5 I caught him on the very steep downhill to the finish.  He wasn't going anywhere and I was able to gap him over the last .5.  I could see Matt up ahead at this point but he was too far to catch. 

 Although the time was slow, I was satisfied with the race because I came back late in the game, which is unusual for me.  I faded at the beginning but ran smart and was able to pick up two guys who left me in the dust early.  Coupled with the weather, and with back to back days in the same week as a marathon, I'll take it. 359 runners in this one and another 300 or so walkers (who aren't in the results).  Pretty good showing on a very hot day.  Kristin headed up with me to get some pictures (view them here).

Side I was walking through Dover City Hall before the race, another runner saw me and asked me if it was me who was in that morning's paper....I told him I didn't think so, and then he asked me if I ran a race yesterday...I said yes and he told me that he thinks there was a picture of me from the race, in the paper (pictured to the left) I picked it up on the way home. The photo is from the Portsmouth Herald and was taken right at the end of the Out of Hibernation 5k.

The weekend was also full of family festivities... Saturday after the race, we went to my sister's house in North Andover for a double-dose of birthday party (mine and my nephew's)... Then Sunday was yet another cookout/party at my brother's house in North Andover, as we had a 90th birthday party for my Grandfather. Nice cookout weather...not so nice running-fast weather.

Now onto a more serious approach to training, as a new week dawns... More miles, more quality, more speed work, and more focus... I got plans now and it's time to get crackin' on what it takes to get there...  Let's get to the gettin'....


  1. Although Craig and I were given the same time 24:13, I believe I am still credited with the CR. I ran 24:12.01 and Craig ran 24:12.8 careful about racing too much and training too hard right after the marathon. You could end up in a downward spiral. I've been there and wouldn't want to see it happen to you.

    Having said that, nice job this weekend!

  2. Holy crap. 2 races in a weekend after a marathon. I think I need to race more - much like you and DD but this seems ... well, like DD said: be careful!

  3. back in form jim! good job. Wish I could get in and out of chairs, let alone race.

  4. JJ, Good job but don't race yourself to death. I'm certain you did some damage to yourself in the marathon. You need to take care of yourself better. Don't want to break down right when the racing season is heating up. Once again Great JoB!!!