Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boston Bound

1 day to go (technically 40 hrs or so)....  Not ready whatsoever for the task at hand, but it needs to be done, or at least attempted.  No turning back.  Not too much was put in the bank for this one at all...nothing since February anyways... but its on the schedule...nothing hurts...and it's paid for.  

My parents are going...Kristin is going... My sister and her family are going... and they will be waiting for me at the finish line so I better at least make it there... I told my Dad to 'start' to look for me around 12:35pm or so...12:40pm more like it.  

Considering the year I've had so far, I'll take faster than Baystate (my seed time) and can live with that, but barely.  I'll be elated to be under 2:40.  Absolutely elated.  But seeing how I've felt lately, I'm not sure that can happen.  Anything over 2:40 but under my seed time of 2:45 will be extremely disappointing but would be a PR, seeing Baystate was my only 26.2 mile run.  Anything slower than my seed time will be humiliating, as I can't possibly think about running slower than I did at Baystate.  I'm not a marathoner, but I know I can grunt out a run faster than what I did in Lowell in October.

Look for me bringin' up the rear with bib # 1367.


  1. Go get 'em Jim. Have some fun and relax.

  2. So some of my best races have come when expectations were low (and the opposite hold true - I have had some dismal performances when expectations were high). Just roll with it until the fire station ...

    Look for my buddy Ken Pliska. He wants to run around-just under sixes - so you guys ought to be in the same court.

  3. JJ
    Best of luck with your first Boston. Enjoy yourself and try to run even. Make sure you have something in the tank at BC because its all downhill from there!
    Go get 'em.

  4. I think you're selling yourself a little short. A positive attitude can go a long ways. Have some fun with it. Good luck and I'll be following you on the internet.

  5. The photo of your laid out marathon outfit reminds me of what Dick Beardsley would with his clothing pre-marathon. I like! ...Staying The Course! Have fun.

  6. Dude! Good luck and be POSITIVE!