Friday, April 24, 2009

1996 Mount Washington Road Race Video

Dave Dunham gave me a couple videos from deep inside the archives of the Dunham Historical Society and Bradford Massachusetts Mountain Running Smithsonian at Ward Hill.  I ripped them onto the computer, did some quick editing for the net, and have uploaded the first video clip to Youtube.

The first in the series of videos I'll post is a 10 minute section of an episode of New Hampshire Crossroads from 1996.  In this episode, they spotlight the Mt. Washington Road Race and throw a wireless mic on dd as he makes his way up the hill.

NH Public Television also gave Dave the raw footage of all the filming they did of the race.  That totals about 44 minutes of tape, so I'm breaking that into 4 parts (approx 10-11 min each) and I'll have those up for the next post or two... 

For now, here's the New Hampshire Crossroads episode from 1996.

Results from 1996 - Top 10 (CMS in blue)

1DANIEL KIHARA     28NORRISTOWN     PA  58:217:41
2DAVE DUNHAM       32BRADFORD       MA1:02:248:13
3ERIC MORSE        31MORETOWN       VT1:03:468:24
4CRAIG FRAM        37PLAISTOW       NH1:04:228:29
5BOB RATCLIFFE     38AUBURNDALE     MA1:05:138:35
7ANDY AMES         33BOULDER        CO1:05:488:40
8MIKE CASNER       34MARLOW         NH1:08:008:57


  1. I fully expect to see the video of the interpretive naval dance!

  2. I fully expect to see the video of the interpretive naval dance!

    The section at 7 minutes in ... OUCH.

    "62:24 ... ehhh ... it stinks"

  3. ha...he didn't include that segment on the tape...

    DD had run Wash 8 times up until that point ...4 times faster than 1:02:24 and 4 times slower... Only one other time since 1996, has he run faster...

  4. Thanks for sharing the video ... look forward to more.

  5. Watching that makes me feel almost as old as I am.

    I believe that was the last year I wore the Saucony Breakaway's. We used to call them the "Break-aparts" and the "Throw-aways" because they were so flimsy. I still have that pair and use them for snowshoe racing, where light is good and cushion or traction aren't needed.

    Glad to see you are looking at the tapes. I'm looking forward to racing you up the Mountain.

  6. I am floored that you are still up at 8:30pm.

  7. Are we running down this year again?

  8. Jim
    Very cool video but I'm still never running it!

  9. I'm running down, but I need to wait to see my sister I may be running down long after you guys go...knowing how dd is VERY impatient and OCD about not standing around too long in one spot...

  10. I am planning on running down.

  11. Sorry for the idiocy with the double comments ... I take it there is no issue with running down? (meaning with road management)

  12. not sure, but I know that dd and crew do it every year... I don't think it's a problem...tons of motorcycles and cars on the way up as you go down because they open the toll road shortly before the top runners start to descend...

  13. sorry I've gotten behind in following blogs... thanks so much for posting this... I first saw it years ago on TV before I did Mt Washington... great to see it again!