Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1996 Mount Washington Raw Footage

As a follow up to my posting (blog entry) with the segment from New Hampshire Crossroads 1996 episode spotlighting the 1996 Mount Washington Road Race, I have ripped the raw footage that NH Public Television was kind enough to provide to Dave Dunham on video cassette.  I broke it up into 4 parts due to the Youtube restriction of not being able to upload videos more than 11 minutes in duration.

The first clip is my favorite, as in the beginning, because everyone in the front row around Dave Dunham knew that he was mic'd for the show, they were giving him grief.  Dave even told me that he went out faster than usual to try to get away from them.  You can hear someone ask Craig Fram on the line, if he was from New Hampshire, because he was 'interested in the hundred bucks', indicating that he was after the Crossan Cup and $100 bonus for being the first NH runner across the line. Craig indicates that he is, but only about .7 miles from Massachusetts... and that they can 'tie' if he wants.  As the race starts, Craig comments that 'Dunham looks awful' and that he has a 'hitch in his stride'.  13 years later, that hitch has become dd's trademark stride.

Part 1: The start and Dunham/Fram/Morse battle...

Part 2: The field spreads out and Morse overtakes Fram...

Part 3: Dunham runs solo in second...

Part 4: Dave powers to a 2nd place finish...Morse 3rd, Fram 4th.

The audio in these is just as the VHS format presented it.  The wireless mic gets staticy (I think that is a technical term) when dd gets out of range.... It eventually cuts out in the final clip.  

I'm working on cutting up finish line video (from a cassette dd has provided) of the top 10+ runners from each of the years between 1985 and 2001.  I'll post those a couple at a time sometime this week as I finish them.  I'm editing them to include captions of names, times, and place.


  1. Oh I am so stoked. I know what I am watching tonight. "Wickhed stitch in ya stride." Love it.

  2. I am pretty certain that the guy in the blue in the beginning (with the head band) is Andy Ames.

  3. Great video. It makes me want to go run it right now.
    GZ, most of New England was watching the Celtics game:)!

  4. I was at the game actually...just got back. Awesome!

  5. Jim, Perkins was beast last night.

    The word verification was "Pruit", as in Gabe Pruit. Thought that was strange.

    Oh yeah, this is a running blog.

  6. Can ya pahhk tha cahh up thah at tha top?

    Nice video, thanks for posting. I grew up in Dover/Newmarket, used to get my sneaks at Red's Shoe Barn and raced Mt. Wash on my bike every year. Brings back great memories. Good luck up there this year, i'm WICKED jealous.

  7. Oops, my above post listed as anonymous.....