Monday, March 23, 2009

Tivo Vid - Greylock Glen

As the winter winds down (we hope) and the last of the super cold temps are behind us, it is interesting to recall just how cold this winter was at times. Tivo pushed a new vid out to the world this week and recaps the Greylock Glen Snowshoe race back in January (where I very graciously let teammates Justin Fyffe and Ben Nephew finish ahead of me ;) ). It ended up being my worst finish all year in a snowshoe race, but the competition at that race was obviously the best.  Also, contrary to what Dave Dunham says, Tivo is a great guy!  Look for a cameo from yours truly, right near the end... Tim leaves the best for last ;)

Now...if only my legs would cooperate, maybe I can post stuff about my current running exploits...

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