Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Recap

In the interest of trying to post more than once a week (I swear I'll get better at that) and to keep in line with a lot of others out there, I'll try doing a very quick monthly summary of what went on in my world of training/racing during the past 30ish days as I work my way towards Boston in April. 

February saw the last of the snowshoe action for me this year as I wrapped up the Granite State Snowshoe Series, qualified for U.S. Snowshoe Nationals (which I passed on this year).  I also set a 30+ PR of 55:08 for 10 miles at the USATF-NE 10 Mile Championships in Amherst, MA, on a hilly and icey course...indicating that (barring injury, etc.) I may be able to run much faster on a slightly flatter course in better conditions (i.e. Newburyport in July).  We'll see.

February Training:

Total February Miles: 312.3 Mi - 36:21:42 of running total time (all in Feb).

Week 1: 75.7 miles (including last 6 days of Jan.)
Week 2: 76.1 miles
Week 3: 76.8 miles (6 days)
Week 4: 81.3 miles
Week 5: 73.0 miles (only 6 days - including 1 day of March)

2 days off (Thursday - 12th, Monday - 23rd).

February Racing:

5 races total
- 4 snowshoe
- 1 road
- Places: 3 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, 1 x 22nd (New England Championship)

Racing Results & Summaries / Posts:

02-07 - 2nd of 61 - Sidehiller Snowshoe (4.11M) - Center Sandwich, NH - [31:54/7:45 pace]
02-08 - 1st of 141 - Frosty's Dash for a Cure (3M) - Atkinson, NH - [24:28/7:54 pace]
02-14 - 1st of 50 - Horse Hill 7k Snowshoe Race (7k) - Merrimack, NH - [30:41/7:03 pace]
02-21 - 1st of 107 -  Kingman Farm Moonlight Snowshoe (5k) - Madbury, NH - [22:36 / 7:16 pace]
02-22 - 22nd of 596 -  DH Jones 10 Mile - USATF- New England 10 Mile Championships (10M) - Amherst, MA - [55:08 / 5:31 pace]

Goals for March:

Training: Keep up with 70-80 (maybe even 90+) miles per week plus some workouts from coach Fernando Braz to keep me on track for being in shape enough to run Boston.  Same (similar story) as last month... A couple of longer races this month to look forward to though...

Racing: On the road to Boston, I will be stopping in at the New Bedford Half Marathon (USATF-NE Grand Prix Half Marathon Championship) and taking a tour of the ME/NH/MA seacoast in the Eastern States 20 Miler. Both are longer races (longer than I'm used to) that should help me get ready for Boston in April. I may shoehorn in a 3 miler this weekend for some speed and maybe a shorter race between New Bedford and Eastern States in a couple weeks.  Goals are definitely sub 1:13 at New Bedford and sub 1:57 at Eastern States (both barring weather/wind issues)... Gotta love New England (we got a foot of snow in the past 24 hrs here in southern NH)!

March Schedule:

03-01 - Claddagh Pub 4 Mile Classic (4M) - Lawrence, MA
03-07 - Spring Ahead 3 Miler (3M) - Concord, MA
03-15 - New Bedford Half Marathon (13.1M) - New Bedford, MA
03-29 - Eastern States 20 Miler (20M) - Kittery, ME - Salisbury, MA

2009 Yearly Totals: Jan-Feb (649 Miles)

February: 312.3 Mi / 36:21:42
January: 336.7: Mi / 41:00:41


  1. Nice. You have got me by about 50 miles this year. :)

    Of course, you are about 15 races ahead too.

    Maybe I will see you at Mount Washington - registered for the lottery yesterday.

    Any of you CMSers heading West this year?

  2. Yo...yeah, this is actually high mileage for me...pathetic I know but I'm really looking to keep it between 70-80 all year...hopefully. Fingers crossed. I know dd is out next week to OR for snowshoe nationals. Other than that, I don't think any of us are really going anywhere except for around these here paaahts. Hope you get into Washington man...would be good to meet up there.

  3. George,

    I'm planning on coming back out to Pikes to actually finish the Ascent this year. I was the first guy who was running down just below treeline.


  4. Kevin - I remember seeing you coming back just after treeline. It was pretty crazy up there. Hopefully the weather will be much more cooperative this year! Looking forward to meeting you that weekend. I plan on doing the marathon (unfinished business of my own)

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