Friday, January 9, 2009

Tivo's I Love Woodford Video

In anticipation of tomorrow's Pooh Hill Snowshoe race up in Madison, NH, I was pleased to see that Tim VanOrden has posted his latest video of the 'I Love Woodford' race from Woodford, VT on 12/28.  Most of you have already watched some of Tim's videos and they are fantastic...this one doesn't disappoint... He got lots of actual race footage because he sat this race out...

Thanks and great work as usual! I'll be heading up to the Granite State series race tomorrow, but there will be a WMAC race out in Pittsfield that dd and Tivo will most likely be going of luck to everyone!


  1. I have had a pair of Tubbs 10K racing snowhoes for about 10 years (I think) but have never raced in them. Seeing a race on video made it look fun! I'll have to get off my butt and get to a race this year.

  2. That is an exceptional video. The quality was almost as good as watching a TV show and the content I learned alot thanks doublej. Do you have any recomendations as to what a novice like myself should get? Looks like I need a pair for Sunday's long run.

  3. I asked Tim VO if he speeded up the video, because it looked like we were flying (especially Josh and JJ). He said there was no trickery, just fast snowshoe racing.

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