Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fudgcicle 5.1 K

Second race and only 3 days into 2009...not a bad way to start.  

Since the North Pond snowshoe race in Florida, MA was cancelled due to the ice storm damage to the state forest, dd and I decided to go do the first Fudgcicle 5k of the season in Tewksbury, MA.  The race is actually a 3.17 distance and has always been historically long (course record belonging to Mr. Dunham at 14:57 or so)... I did this race back in 2007 as my 5th official race back running (3x Wakefield weekly 5ks and the 2.5 loop of Mill Cities, then this).  I was 2 full minutes faster today than then (which is a plus for sure...) 

I figured I'd just go out and see how bad my fitness really is...but was surprised to be able to hang on relatively strong for 1.5 miles before jumping into the hurt box...

Splits - 5.1 k - 16:24 (5:10 pace) - 1st of 45

Mile 1) 5:01
Mile 2) 5:18 (10:19)
Mile 3) 5:15 (15:34)
last .17)  :50 (16:24)


  1. I am predicting the pace continues and you do 180+ races this year. :)

    Do you have a post buried somewhere about your time off and subsequent return back?

  2. yo taz, when is this website gunna be up?

  3. Ditto what GZ said about the time off and return back.

    Are there any old posts about when you were "fat" and "slow"? Especially apropos to those of us that are currently fat and slow.

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  5. Well...for starters, I have this visual evidence from September 2006 (Celtics cookout) with me and the great white hope (Mr. Brian Scalabrine) ...

    Photo Here

    In October of 2006 I ran a 5k after running for one month (first month back since 1999) and ran 19:37 ALL OUT. :)


  6. Yeah, yeah, but it is clear that is all about the haircut.

  7. Thanks Jim! That's a good picture, did you gain all the weight in your face? :)

    And for 19:37, since the winner was just a few seconds faster, it must have been those 40mph gusts that day that slowed the whole field.

    So the question is, did you lose the weight by cranking up the miles or did you also make significant changes to your diet?

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