Saturday, January 24, 2009

Feel Good Farm 7k

Saturday was my 5th snowshoe race this season (4th of the 2009) and my 6th race of the year.  It was the Feel Good Farm 7k Snowshoe Race (results) put on by 3C Race Productions and held at Feel Good Farm in Lyndeborough, NH.  The farm is an impressive 540 acre property with an abundance of trails that are home to a couple of races put on by 3C throughout the year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Dan Verrington show up to not only a snowshoe race, but also his 2nd race of the day, having run the Fudgcicle 5k in Tewksbury earlier in the morning. Also making the ride over to the farm was Tim Cox (PR Racing), and a car full of Rhode Island runners (Tuesday Night Turtles' Scott Mason, Bob Jackman, and a couple others).  The race only fielded 12 finishers of the 8k (two loops) and 2 finishers of the one loop 4k version of the course.  

The course was all virgin snow that had been gone over 4 or 5 times by Michael Amarello beforehand, to flatten it out and blaze the trail.  The snow was deep and none of the trail was groomed any further than 4 sets of snowshoe tracks, which made it slow going in spots.  The hill was pretty tough but I'd say Pooh Hill may have been slightly harder.  This particular climb had a flat part in the middle that allowed you to somewhat recover before hitting the very last stretch to the top.  I was about 16 seconds slower on the second loop, while the consensus was that everyone else I talked to were faster on their second loop. 

Splits: 15:21 and 15:36 . - 30:57 - 1st place of 12.  The race is actually toted now as an 8k, although I can't imagine I was cranking 6:12s, especially up that hill.... 

Steve Wolfe was kind enough to head over to the farm to grab some photos and video of the race. Check out his photo gallery here.  Video above is courtesy of Steve Wolfe...

Next up is the Boston Prep 16 miler tomorrow that will be a 20 mile day for me.  It should be a good workout and a good cap to a really good weekend of threshold running.  I should hopefully come out of this weekend a little stronger and one small step closer to getting into shape for Boston.  I plan on going out really conservative tomorrow and try to hit 6:30s or so for as long as I feel ok... 2 before and 2 after will give me a solid 20 miles on the day.  I'm not going to worry about place or overall time as much as just getting in a solid, long workout and work the hills over the middle part of the course.  

On a side note, strategic placement of this race in the corner of Lyndeborough, NH allowed me to townbag 3 new NH towns today (Lyndeborough being one, and Wilton and Mont Vernon on the warmups/cooldowns).

All photos above, courtesy of Steve Wolfe.  Pictured above, Bob Jackman, JJ, Dan Verrington (hidden behind me), and Tim Cox on the cooldown.

Update to follow tomorrow (if I survive it)...


  1. Hey Jim
    Congrats on another win! Good luck at the Boston Prep race.

  2. Nice job Jim! Hey, you would have hated the place I stayed at this weekend. Even I thought it was cold.

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