Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boston Prep 16 Miler

This morning finished off another weekend double as I ran the Boston Prep 16 Miler (results) in Derry, NH. For those who have run this, they know...for those that haven't, it is HILLY. If this was on dirt road, they could bid to have this race in the mountain series... It may have been a bit much to do the day after a hard snowshoe race, but I entered, paid the 35 beans, and had it on the schedule, so I went. My goal was to be somewhere around 6:15-6:30 pace overall, depending on how I felt. I knew I was going to be tired and my legs were going to be a little heavy so I wasn't particularly sure what to expect. As the race went out, I went out very relaxed and let Andy go immediately. I settled in behind a Running Heritage runner for the first 5-6 miles or so and kept within a couple seconds of him, in 3rd overall place. Over that first 6 or so miles, I felt ok and was clicking through quite faster than I would have liked. I behaved on the first mile (which has a lot of climb) but then started to motor. Somewhere between miles 5 and 6, Dave Quintal (CMS) hopped in and ran with what was now a pack of me, the Running Heritage guy, Brendan Lynch (HFC), and Greg Ward (CMS). He stayed with me offering words of encouragement through mile 7. By then, it was downhill a bit and I was alone, as Ward and Lynch pulled away, and I was losing the Running Heritage runner to the hills. I settled into 4th place at mile 7 and there I would stay until about mile 12. I grabbed a GU around mile 8, downed that, grabbed a tiny bit of water at the next water station, and then hit the hill on Drew road right after the 9 mile marker, which kicks you square in the ass. I really started to lose sight of 2nd and 3rd there and couldn't see Andy at all anymore. At about 10.5 is when the HILLS really start. I slowed to a crawl there, as my pace went from sub 6 to near 6:30s for that stretch... Near the top of the worst of the hills, Justin Montgomery (Claremont, NH) went by me pretty convincingly and made a comment about the killer hills...but it didn't seem to be bothering him as he really pulled away. At about mile 13 I could just see ultra /mountain runner Martin Tighe (Tuesday Night Turtles and 50 years young) coming up and into view... I turned it on a tiny bit over the last 3 miles and held off some pretty good hamstring and calf pain over the last part of the course.... the hamstring actually started to flair up around mile 5 and last for around 3 miles... but held off until about 13, where I was now comfortably running in 5th place and just holding that spot.

CMS presence was in full swing today as Andy McCarron (CMS) was 1st overall in a blazing 1:31:40. Greg Ward (CMS) was 3rd overall in 1:34:48. I rounded out the CMS top 3 in 5th overall in 1:35:54.
And now for more mediocrity than you know what to do with....

Splits - 16 miles - 1:35:54 (6:00 pace) - 5th of 655.

Mile 01) 6:10
Mile 02) 5:44 (11:55)
Mile 03) 5:40 (17:35)
MIle 04) 5:46 (23:21)
Mile 05) 5:58 (29:19)
Mile 06) 5:41 (35:01)
Mile 07) 5:55 (40:57)
Mile 08) 5:38 (46:35)
Mile 09) 6:05 (52:40)
Mile 10) 6:21 (59:02)
Mile 11) 6:30 (1:05:33)
Mile 12) 6:38 (1:12:11)
Mile 13) 6:10 (1:18:22)
Mile 14) 5:59 (1:24:22)
Mile 15) 6:04 (1:30:27)
Mile 16) 5:27 (1:35:54)

I really worked the last mile as I could smell the finish line and I was concerned that Martin was getting a little too close for comfort...

An interesting look below (click to expand) of the course layout and my splits per mile.

Awesome to see fellow Goons Dan Hill, Sarah Prescott, and Kelly LeCours out there competing (Kelly had a homemade Goon Squad singlet on that was absolutely had her Goon name on the back and everything)... also fellow snowshoer and Acidotic racing/GCS Triad stud Steve Wolfe held off a back spasm early in the race and ran very strong, winning the coveted 40-49 (masters) age group and (potentially) setting a course PR in 1:43:35 (6:29 pace).

Top 3 aside (as they don't double dip), they then moved to age groups and I was surprised to see that I was 5th overall (so 2nd in line for an age group award), but still 2nd in my age group behind Justin Montgomery (32 yrs old) who was 4th overall and 1 place ahead of me... The difference between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd was the size of the jug of Maple Syrup you get. Speaking of swag, the post race spread was pretty good, as they had a bunch of beverages, fruits, hot chocolate, some burrito looking things, and some soups and chilis. They also gave out long sleeve zip up technical shirts (mine is HUGE and its a medium) to all registrants, and they had some past year stuff to hand out to finishers as you came across the line. I grabbed a headwarmer from last years race (I think).

A quick cooldown (or as Dave calls it a 'warmdown' which makes no sense) with Steve Wolfe (quick as in distance, not time) and some post race grub, and I was back on the road for the very long 10 minute drive back home.

Also a huge shout out to Scott Mason who is becoming more and more familiar with New Hampshire this year...he came all the way up from the Ocean State to grab some race photos and give some encouragement out there on the tough sections. Thanks Scotty!

7 races down now in January (with 1 to go) and 2 weeks back to back of 80+ miles. Things are looking up... Hopefully my hamstring and calf issues today are just from the high weeks and back to back doubles ... I'll grab an icebath tonight before bed (yuck) and really keep an eye on the legs this week. Next up is Cobble Mountain on Saturday. I may back off the Sunday race, as I am no longer in the mood to shoot way out to Saratoga, NY anymore this winter. I may either look for something else, or run a slow long run (which is probably the smartest thing to do).

Photos in this entry are all by the witty and talented Scott Mason. The lovely and talented Kristin took a weekend off from my races and finally took down our Christmas decorations. I guess I should give her a break now and then (especially in this cold weather)...because lord knows once the spring/summer season is in full swing, I'll be dragging her all over New England to these things.... Scotty should have some great shots up on his site by tomorrow, for a nominal fee...Absolutely fantastic looking pro shots from this up and coming snowshoer from RI...


  1. Dude - that gag over your face has to be worth 10 seconds a mile too. Dang.

    Take care of that hammy - don't want to hurt it now.

  2. Up and coming snowshoer? You are too kind!

  3. GZ, I don't even think I could pick up even 1 second per mile if I had rollerblades on! :)

    Scotty, you are in denial :)

  4. Dude... Nice run. Hope the hammy was a fluke.

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