Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Rundown

For anyone in the Northeast this weekend, I don't have to tell you about the weather... but for anyone elsewhere, we got wacked with of 10:10pm Sunday night it is still snowing.... It started on Friday...let up a bit on Saturday, and then started Sunday morning again and has continued for the entire day...

I got to snowshoe with dd and Ken Tripp on Friday afternoon (see dd's post)...It was my first time on the things and it was pretty decent... I think (I hope) I'll enjoy it this winter... But it is still a little early to tell... we ran 4 miles in hard packed snow that was only a couple inches deep. Nothing technical at all and in fact it was described by Dave to be the fastest possible conditions. On Sunday, I was still in possession of the Dion racing shoes that Dave lent me, so I decided to do a hilly 7 mile loop from my house on the roads which were still completely covered with snow... There were sections that were plowed, so a clanked every once in a while on what was just a dusting, which I didn't know at the time, is VERY bad for the shoes.... When I got back (1:11:05 later), I noticed that one of the cleats was completely broken off and the other was worn completely down... in other words they were completely trashed... Now I have to replace them for dd before I give them back. I'm hoping Bob Dion is selling some up at Woodford this coming weekend.

In between snowshoe runs, I had some MVS teammates over for some Holiday beverages and good times... Pictured left: Molly Taber, Melissa Donais, and Crystal Anthony....also swinging by were Jon Healey (recent 2:29 at Philly Marathon), SISU Project's Pete Cahalane, my former UML teammate Joe Dunn and his fiance Andrea, and my longtime buddy DJ Nuggets graced us with his presence (until Sunday morning when we scrapped him up off the floor and sent him home)...

Looking at the turnout for this weekend's BU Mini-meet really makes me feel even sh*ttier about missing all that time last week. I really feel like a slug and I've only been away from steady running for a couple weeks...heck I ran every day this week except for one, but I have no desire or motivation to keep track of my runs or do any decent mileage...I am just in a funk right now... The more I think about it, the more I am leaning toward lightening up the snowshoe schedule a bit (I know I know, I haven't even done one race yet) but I think I should do a few track races this winter at least..... Nate and DV ran great miles (DV also ran 8:30 in the 3k) this weekend and Kevin Tilton also ran like a man in the mile / 3k double... dd even dove back into track racing by giving the 3k a go.... I really feel left out and it s*cks. I think tomorrow I am starting to get serious again.... Seeing everyone run so well this weekend I think was the motivator for me... We'll see how this week goes. The weather isn't going to make it easy....but I need to man up....simple as that.

I finished up the weekend by spending time with the other manor residents up on the third floor. Donna and Peter had the all the manor folk up for a holiday get that meant more eggnog based drinks, and another spread of shrimp, cheese & crackers, brownies, cookies, and all sorts of other deserts and food that would make Tivo roll over in his raw food diet grave.... I'm lucky to have gotten through this weekend without putting on ALL of the weight I lost over the past 2 years running...

Some additional shots of this weekend's festivities... Pictured in order are Joe Dun and yours truly, playing a Pete Cahalane request... Jon, myself, and Lansdowne St. legend DJ Nuggets behind the decks, and then finally the lovely and talented Kristin any some really smooth lookin' dude with great hair...

Seriously though, thanks to all my friends who came by and spread the holiday cheer.... And thanks to Kristin for spending the good part of Friday and Saturday cooking awesome deserts and cleaning the house....

Isn't my baby cute?


  1. JJ

    You could have joined the crew on Sunday AM for a nice 15 miler but looks like you had more fun Sat PM!
    Dude, your looking crazy with that hair.
    Merry Christmas. Peace and Joy to all!


  2. Just keep at it. We all go through some low points. It's not a bad time of year to have one. I bet snowshoeing will get you going again.

  3. What are DJ Nuggets' pr's?

  4. Man...crazy stuff from Dan. I wonder if he ran the 3k or the mile first. Either way 4:23 and 8:30 are pretty good.

  5. Nuggz once spun a 8 hr set at my pad in Medford....we have it on minidiscs... Other than that, he may have some new england and perhaps even national drinking records...

  6. That is the best your hair has looked....EVER!