Sunday, December 23, 2007

Training - 12-17-07 to 12-23-07

Weekly Training for 12/17/07 - 12/23/07- Total: 82.4 miles.

The base building continues....This could have (and should have) been my week of 90+ miles. I cheesed out on Saturday because I was feeling 'under the weather' and coincidentally, the weather was crap. I was scheduled to do two runs of 75 and 55 minutes on Sat. but opted for one. Running 80 minutes indoor on Tuesday and treadmilling on Thursday probably did more harm than good. I wish I had realistic access to a pool or indoor facility... I have no idea how people do this on a usual basis. I need to be outside... To say the weather was fairly uncooperative this week would be an understatement. The cold temperatures have taken a backseat to the bigger annoyance of not having any room on the sides of roads to run.

Monday - 6pm - 85 minutes (~ 11.1 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover (roads) with Molly Taber and Dan Vassallo then 6x15 second strides at end of run.
Tuesday - 6pm - 82 minutes (12 miles) in Andover (Andover H.S. indoor track) with Matt Pimentel, Jon Healey, and Judge Jones.
Wednesday - 12:30pm - 75 minutes (~10.8 miles) [route] in Newton, MA (roads) solo.
Thursday - 6pm - 90 minutes (12.9 miles) in N. Andover (on my sister's treadmill) solo (obviously).
Friday - 4pm - 75 minutes easy (9.5 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover with Jon Healey.
Saturday - 4pm - 60 minutes (8 miles) [route] in Salem NH, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) solo.
Sunday - 8am - 2:00 hrs easy (16.1 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover with Dan Vassallo, Jack Mulligan, Mike Masse.

Approx. mileage for the week...82.4. Some tightness under my right knee but other than that, I have no valid excuses this week.

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