Monday, December 29, 2008


A quick update for anyone who isn't on my Facebook friends list and hasn't seen this (since I so selflessly set it as my status for most of the day)...... 

Andy Schachat (columnist for Fosters Daily Democrat and popular race announcer in NH) has graciously nominated me for the Male Runner of the Year and Dan Verrington for the Male Masters Runner of the Year in his 'Best of the Best in 2008' column (which focuses on NH racing).  Andy really knows his stuff when it comes to the New England road racing scene and he knows something about just about everyone who runs races up here... it really is amazing to hear him throw out little tidbits about each finisher as they come across the line... It makes racing and spectating that much more enjoyable and he does a fantastic job at every race he announces.  

I really appreciate Andy recognizing my racing as much as he has this year and am very honored to have gotten the nod.  He is just one of many many reasons why I enjoy racing in New Hampshire more than anywhere else...especially the Seacoast area.  I raced a lot in NH this year and have really focused my schedule on racing up here as much as I can.... This just makes me want to continue the trend.  

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  1. Congratulations on this and your recent entry into snowshoe racing.
    I might even give that a try when there is a race closer.
    You are a gifted runner and even helped me run better. Thanks for the encouragement.