Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More midweek rambling and visual evidence...

Just a midweek update because I took today off to nurse potential illness and general malaise... Today, for numerous reasons which are not running related, is just one for the trashcan... Jon Healey (who just recently ran 2:29 in Philly) gave me some insight into what my book should be called (if I were to write one) and the tag line... 

..."blogger turned non-fiction best seller Jim "Running in the Cold" a blow-by-blow story of living in New Hampshire and running with some of the fastest people in the country.  Also including personal tidbits about the personal lives of several of the area's top runners and coaches in their quest for victory on and off the track." 

I dunno...I just like the sound of that...Too bad I can't write....

On a lighter note, here are some shots (click to enlarge) of the Andover CC 6k Cross Country race from this past weekend.  Race winner Ryan Carrara's mother took these pictures and he was kind enough to email them over to me...proof that I actually did run there this weekend :).  Contrary to how it looks (me leading in 3 of these pictures), Ryan took home the goods, which if my memory serves me, was some gift certs, a bottle of wine, a subscription to the rat, a glass, and maybe something else.... not bad to go along with an all you can eat pasta dinner and free beer afterwards...  Of course I stuffed my face with free cookies and laid off the beer... The Andover Striders did a good job putting this race on overall.  It is a pretty popular race for people in the area....good time of year to have it, good spread at the end, nice course, lots of volunteers, and good turnout year after year.  

Not sure who is in 3rd place in these shots.  It could be Joe O'Leary (who wasn't listed under any team) who finished 3rd overall...but I'm not certain.  Fellow Goon Mike 'the Warrior' Masse can be seen making his way onto the bridge in one of the shots but this must have been right around the time he decided to 'just run enough to win the 0-19 age group'...  

Even though this race wasn't a USATF sanctioned race, I decided to wear the CMS gear for one basic reason... It's 'cross country' so I figured CMS would have a good showing and MVS wouldn't...but I was wrong.  Although we did have 6 guys put down 'CMS' as a team affiliation, I only knew dd.  MVS actually had 7 guys run (maybe even more) ...I was shocked..but glad they had a team score in a cross country event.  

I am still teetering on whether this is actually cross country or not...I suppose it is closer to being 'cross country' than the Carlisle race was in August.  That Chamberas 6k, although fun, was closer to being a trail race than 'cross country'.  I equate cross country races as being held in open fields, wide track dirt paths, golf courses, and just predominantly on grass and soft surface...  for the Chamberas race, there was a lot of single track trail running...almost the whole way actually.... With this Andover race, there was far too much golf cart path running, paved sections, and some road sections for this course to be considered real cross country.  I would call this a cross country / road hybrid....or maybe closer to a high school xc course....heck anyone who ran in the Middlesex League knows that the only course out of the 10 that wasn't basically entirely paved, was Stoneham's course ...and that course was actually a real xc course with just a little bit of trail but not enough to call it a 'trail race'.    As a throwback, I've included a clip of the 1994 xc dual meet between Wakefield and Stoneham.  My Dad adds his usual commentary about something the camera is doing / not doing/ battery dying, etc...  Good stuff.

1994 Throwback - Wakefield vs Stoneham

Also, I found a vid from the start of Sunday's race courtesy of emilytrespas:


  1. Nice throwback vid. "Arms down, knees up!" Classic.

  2. haha...that's good ole' Deek. Good of these days I should listen to him :)...

    Thanks for being there on Sunday and cheering us on...that was cool of you man...

    - JJ

  3. Looks like it was a great race. I love running in the cold - once you warm up the temps are always nice.

  4. watch out for that "potential illness". I've been fighting some head and respiratory type virus for two weeks now. Survey says it lasts about 3. Low energy is one of the side "benefits".

  5. I have the same shoes as Ryan! ... except mine are purple, pink and Gray. :)

  6. I think dave dunham has just the solid pink ones....

    (the verification word I had to type in to post this was 'oderslug' ....pretty funny).