Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wakefield Burbank YMCA 5k Classic

Saturday it was back to racing and this time the scene of the crime was Wakefield, MA (my old stomping ground)... Aside from a couple of those 'fun runs' on Wednesday nights (back when I was still getting into shape), I've never actually 'raced' the lake before, although I've run it no fewer than 100 times or so... Matty Lyons and I used to bang laps around there back in high school in probably 16 and change on training runs... but I've never hopped into one of these weekend races around the lake (with whatever alias the race is going by that particular week)...  There's 'Take the Lake', 'Bikini Run', and gads of other road races that go around Lake Quannapowitt throughout the year... This time it was the 19th Annual Burbank YMCA 5k Classic (results).  This race seems to have gone by a slightly different name variation from year to year and its also been held at any time between July and November just in the past 8 or 9 years alone.  It also used to be a 4 miler (getting all this info from past results on Coolrunning)...I actually brought all this up with a couple of GCS guys who were doing the timing and they didn't even know about any of that...  We sure did luck out with it being in late November this year on probably the coldest and windiest days we've had so far...  

Dave Dunham graciously offered to drive to this race (only 20 minutes away of course)... We arrived fairly early and practically froze solid, walking from the car to the registration area.  We then ran over the course and timed it so we'd get back right before the race went off (to reduce our time standing around before the start)... Timing it down to about 2 minutes, we made the start and we were off.... As we noticed on our warm up, the first mile was like running straight up Hurricane Katrina's backside... Nothing but headwind for just about the entire first mile... then between mile 1 and 1.5 there was all sorts of crazy cross winds/tail winds/head winds/ winds coming from above and below, and some that seem to come from all directions at the same time... Miles 10-12 at New Bedford all over again...  The good news is that the last mile was rock and roll time... Tail wind the entire way made for a quick last mile and gave me the ability to salvage a sub 16 5k for the 14th out of 15 tries this year.  I had to run out front and solo for the entire race, but felt pretty strong and smooth for the entire way...I actually felt stronger near the end of the race and nothing was bothering me... Good signs for sure...

Splits: 5k - 15:58 (5:08 pace) - 1st place out of 166

Mile 1) 5:07
Mile 2) 5:15 (10:22)
Mile 3) 5:00 (15:22)
last .1) :36 (15:58)

I made off w/ a bag full of stuff and a certificate for a free xmas tree that they sell down by the lake... Since we have a fake tree we use every year, I'm going to have to shop this's worth $30.  I have no clue how much a tree costs, but I can't imagine it being much more than that...

DD has a nice writeup about his day (and the only photo we have) up on his blog.  At the last minute he asked an extremely elderly woman who had just gotten out of her car, to take our picture.  This lady was so old, slow, and obviously oblivious to technology or even the concept of taking a photograph for someone... just at first glance I wouldn't even have asked her for simple directions, let alone to use a digital camera to take a picture of me in frigid weather.  I was concerned for her safety, but Dave wanted the picture because he's obsessed with me.  It took her a couple of tries, but she finally got off a decent shot.

We wrapped up the day at Brothers.  Hand's down my favorite joint in Wakefield to get some grub.  They sure have changed in recent months however, with a completely new, renovated inside....not sure I'm a fan...I like the old, dark, borderline dingy version I grew up with...  But the food still rocks.

Episode 6 (short) is up now... Absolutely no race footage and no redeeming quality whatsoever... but it's up.  You will get nothing out of watching it and in fact, may know less than you did before, after watching this.  Stay away.

*** On a side note, dd and I had our once-a-week difference-of-opinion today and this time the topic was Pink Floyd's 1977 album 'Animals' and more specifically the track on it called 'Pigs (Three Different Ones)'.  Dave was fairly convinced it was 'Pigs (Three Different Kinds)'...but I begged to differ.  Of course, once again I was right on the money... I mean, how can I be wrong about an animal that is in some way or another incorporated in like 75% of my diet?


  1. Dude - a win and sub 16! Nice job. And the post has me cracking up. "He is obsessed with me."

    Animals is a good album but I definitely liked Pink Floyd better without Roger Waters ... I know that is weak but "Delicate Sound of Thunder" is great.

  2. Loved the part about the elderly woman using a digital camera.
    15.58 is a great time! Anytime you crack 16 is a good thing.
    I'm still partial to "Darkside"

  3. Thanks... The only non-sub 16 I ran this year was a 5k in Wakefield NH that was a suspect distance at best. The course was certified many moons ago, then changed a couple times and never re-certified... I was cranking that day and my last .1 was like 50 seconds (obviously wrong considering it was downhill!)... doesn't make much sense... Other than that, the other 14 were all good to me this year (it's all about picking the fast courses ;) )....

    As a more passive radio-friendly Pink Floyd fan I'd say 'Animals' is one of their weaker albums for sure (probably blasphemy to diehard Floyd fans)... Obviously 'Darkside' is the quintessential Floyd album...but I do like 'Delicate' too... 'The Division Bell' was even good....

    I think we started talking about it because Dave was calling me a pig for eating an entire omelette myself (God forbid)... I said 'Pigs Three Different Ones?' and then he went off on one of his tangents and started questioning my classic rock knowledge...

  4. I still love the instrumental lead in to Shine On Yo Crazy Diamond.

  5. It goes good w/ a bottle of Reunite ;)...

  6. Gotta love a race video that has exactly zero running in it!

    Love the music choice, one of my favorite bands :-)

    In my defense on the Pigs song....I was high nearly every time I listened the album (and it was an album not one of those fancy new "disc" things).

  7. Pigs (Three Different Ones) is definitely it. Animals as a hole is up there as one of the top three PF albums, but Dogs ranks, in my opinion, as one of their most epic songs.

    Nice race by the way.