Monday, November 24, 2008

Training - 11-17 - 11-23

Slight increase in mileage again this week and back up to the 10-a-day average... Incorporated one track workout in there with dq on Wednesday in crazy wind... Had a decent workout on Saturday in the Wakefield 5k.  Good to see dd back at it again...

Side note, my friends Jon Healey and Dan Vassallo had absolutely tremendous days at Philly yesterday.  Jon ran a 2:29:08 for 10th overall (5:41 pace) and a new PR.  Dan ran his arse off again and placed 2nd overall in the half marathon with a 1:07:52 (5:10 pace).  Knowing Dan and his intensity level, he's probably p*ssed because there was 1 guy in front of him (heck I've even seen him mad when he wins a race)... But I say you gotta be happy with 1:07!  Dan's the type of guy you definitely want on your side ;).... Both of these guys run for MVS' adidas racing team coached by Fernando Braz... On the women's side, Kara Haas (also MVS/adidas) ran to a 5th place finish with a 1:20:10 (6:06 pace).  Christina Sheehan (also coached by Fernando) was 3rd overall in the marathon with a 2:50:21.  I hear there was also a nice battle in the 8k between MVS/adidas runners Crystal Anthony and Melissa Donais who also ran very well....the results are all messed up still so I don't have times/places for that 8k....  Awesome job by all this weekend!

This kind of makes my work this week seem insignificant...but I'm happy to see others I know and run with running VERY well...  

11-17 - 11 miles (1:13:29) - Salem, Methuen, Pelham (Harris' Inn Loop)(roads) - solo.
11-18 - 13 miles (1:34:18) - 5 miles on the River Trail - Andover w/ Dave Dunham, Dave Quintal, Ken Tripp.... + 4 miles w/ Dave Quintal (roads) up into Lawrence + 4 miles back to the river (roads) (solo). Total: 13
11-19 - Workout with Dave Quintal - North Andover Middle School. 24 min w/up + Track Workout: 400 + 800 + 1200 + Mile + 1200 + 800 + 400 all at 78 quarter pace. Wind was incredibly brutal and it was COLD. Effort was probably better than 78s...but conditions made it what it was... 200 jog in between each. + 17 min c/down.. - Total: 10
11-20 - 8 miles (57:26) - First 3 solo around Andover/Phillips Academy while Dave and Dan had a super secret meeting about something... - Last 5 with Dave Dunham and Dan Verrington (trails/roads).
11-21 - 8 miles (54:15) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill out and back (Lake St. Loop)(roads) - solo.
11-22 - 3.5 mile w/up around the lake in Wakefield, MA w/ dd + 5k race (15:58 - 1st) + 3.5 mile c/down around the lake in Wakefield, MA w/ dd & Jim Goodberlett. - Total - 10.
11-23 - 10 miles (1:09:15) - Salem, Windham, Derry (Windham Rail Trail) - solo.

Total Mileage for the week: 70


  1. Thanks for the info about Fernando's runners... I had a hard time locating the results. Hope you are doing well, JJ

  2. Freddy's runners owned Philly this weekend... Very impressive as always...