Monday, November 3, 2008

2008 Manchester Marathon / Half Marathon

Yesterday I went up to watch the 2nd Annual Manchester Half Marathon and Marathon (results) in Manchester NH. Dan Verrington (left) was running the full marathon to get his fall marathon in and take advantage of his fitness that he'd built up in training for Baystate, for which he was sick w/ strep throat. He rebounded nicely to cruise to a second place finish behind Lowell's Ben Ndaya, who had run a 2:37:54 marathon only 14 days prior at Baystate. Dan ran the last 13.1 completely alone after the half marathoners finished.

Before the half way point, the race was littered with both half and full marathon competitors wearing blue numbers for the full and yellow numbers for the half. The course was also VERY hilly in my opinion (maybe more so over the last half...). I decided to bike the entire course, as it doesn't really circle back to the same spot like Baystate does, and also I wanted to follow Justin and Dan's progress and carry water in case they needed it....Dan ended up actually racing with his fuel belt on under his singlet, although you'd never know it by looking at any of the pictures or by even watching him go by (which really fries dd...touchy subject)... I ended up getting in the entire course plus a little bit (30 miles on my bikes computer)... I'm glad I biked...It was a great workout cardio-wise and I needed a little bit of a break from the pounding, to try to suppress my IT band issue and every other ache and pain in my feet and legs that I'm currently dealing with right now....

At the start of the race it was very hands were getting really numb and I had gloves on.... By the later stages of the marathon it had warmed up considerably... I waited at the start for a bit, to snap shots of everyone starting....big mistake though, as I then was unable to catch up to the leaders of the half. I did make my way up to Mark Miller who was 5th and was able to get photos of Justin Fyffe (left) out enjoying himself in his new CMS gear... For someone who was PR'ing in the half over a hilly course, he seemed to be overly content and relaxed... I am predicting big things to come for this kid in 2009... Already having jumped back into running like I did, after a long break, he has thrown up some very impressive times this past year and won the USATF-NE Mountain Series for 2008.... Now, getting into road racing again (and just fresh off of an injury), he finished very strong, only 40 seconds back of Mark in 6th overall place, beating out Wilson Perez and Titus Mutinda (although credited as Titus Nzwili) who ran together for most of the race, and Jared Markowitz and Mark Mayall who weren't far back, to round out a very good top 10 field.

I stopped for a while at 13.1 to get some people coming in that I knew (like Heidi Westerling and Tammie Robie, etc) and then I continued on with Dan for the remainder of the marathon. Dan came through in 3rd place but then quickly passed and put major distance on the 2nd place runner and ran next behind Ben for the rest of the race. I only got shots of Dan and then sped up to catch Ben for a bit near St. A's to get some pictures before dropping back. I couldn't hang around too long afterwards to get pictures of other finishers unfortunately.

Watching the entire race really made me want to give this another go...I'm not sure about Manchester per se because of the obvious conflict it will have w/ the Grand Prix (unless they bid)... and also because again, I'd say this marathon is HILLY. But I am only comparing it to Baystate, and anything beside Baystate will look hilly.... I was really sucking wind on my bike over a lot of this course and a few times wished I was running up the hills because I had to think it would have actually been easier! I can't bike for squat.

Half Marathon Top 10 out of 934: (CMS in blue)

1 ELIJAH KITUR 36 - BRONX NY - 1:07:31 (5:10 pace)
2 JOSEPH EKUOM 38 - BRONX NY - 1:07:45 (5:11 pace)
3 MICHAEL CHETTLE 31 - BOSTON MA - 1:07:51 (5:11 pace)
4 CURTIS WHEELER 22 - BUXTON ME - 1:09:25 (5:18 pace)
5 MARK MILLER 28 - PORTLAND ME - 1:10:14 (5:22 pace)
6 JUSTIN FYFFE 28 - E. DUMMERSTON VT - 1:10:54 (5:25 pace)
7 WILSON PEREZ 30 - KEENE NH - 1:11:09 (5:26 pace)
8 TITUS NZWILI 43 - LOWELL MA - 1:11:31 (5:28 pace)
9 JARED MARKOWITZ 25 - CAMBRIDGE MA - 1:12:33 (5:33 pace)
10 MARK MAYALL 37 - MAYNARD MA - 1:13:22 (5:36pace)

Marathon Top 10 out of 434: (CMS in blue)

1 BENJAMIN NDAYA - 33 - LOWELL MA - 2:40:39 (6:08 pace)
2 DANIEL VERRINGTON - 46 - BRADFORD MA - 2:50:37 (6:31 pace)
3 BRIAN MCNEIECE 36 - NARRAGANSETT RI - 2:51:43 (6:34 pace)
4 TIMOTHYP ROY 44 - MANCHESTER NH - 2:53:06 (6:37 pace)
5 KYLE BOWERS 42 - BOXBOROUGH MA - 2:57:00 (6:46 pace)
6 WILLIAM NEWTON 53 - PORTLAND ME - 2:59:36 (6:52 pace)
7 DANIEL DOMINIE 44 - CANTON NY - 2:59:48 (6:52 pace)
8 JEFFREY BROOKS 38 - COLEBROOK NH - 3:01:10 (6:55 pace)
9 DAVID BIRSE 49 - HANCOCK NH - 3:01:35 (6:56 pace)
10 KEITH NEAL 36 - UPTON MA - 3:03:29 (7:01 pace)

I took a bunch of photos on the day which can be seen here on my SmugMug page.

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