Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 Great Island 5k

Sunday it was back to the Seacoast for the Great Bay 5k (results) in New Castle, NH. This was the 7th race of 8 in the Seacoast Road Racing Series. I used this as my last workout before Baystate this coming weekend. The race had a great showing with a record 1035 finishers, the most in its 15 year run. The field included last year's winner, Mark Miller, local racing standout Wilson Perez (BAA), and Joseph Ekuom (Bronx, NY) who also came up for the Market Square Day 10k in June. Joseph ran really strong from the gun and blazed to a 14:41 (4:44 pace) and a new course record (old record - 14:51 by Eric Morse (CMS - Berlin, VT) in 1999). Wilson Perez hung tough and ran a 15:19 for 2nd. Mark Miller hung on for 3rd in 15:40 and I was officially credited with 4th place in 15:55 (5:08 pace). The reason I say 'officially' is because at about 2 miles, Titus Mutinda blazed by me along with Dan Verrington as they battled for the first-master money (or so we thought). Apparently however, Titus wasn't a registered entrant and actually missed the start (traffic getting onto the island was a nightmare). He still outkicked me at the end by about 2 seconds, with Dan 7 seconds back of me in 16:02 (but age graded to a 14:28!). I was 5th across the line, but got the 4th place official finish. Interestingly enough, the top 5 today was the exact same top 5 at Market Square, with Joseph winning, myself and Dan 4th and 5th respectively, but with Mark and Wilson swapping places.

The Numbers:
15:55 (5:08 pace) - 4th place of 1035

5k Splits

Mile 1) 4:57
Mile 2) 5:18 (10:16)
Mile 3) 5:07 (15:23)
Last .1) :31 (15:55)

I'm ok with anything under 16 right now, especially when I do absolutely no speedwork except for racing. I think I am going to look at changing that up next Spring and go back to some lower volume track work (less volume but as intense as I was doing last year).... I've been feeling a bit sluggish in the shorter races (5 miles and under) this summer/fall. I had to back off of the track work to stay healthy and injury free. It was as simple as that. I was constantly hurt in some way 'leg-wise' when I was doing track work. I may take the approach this coming year of doing more tempo or road workouts and stay off of the track and see if it makes any difference at all.

This race in particular has about 100 turns as it winds over every road in town (all 6 of them). I was looking to run a solid, even race but was far from it (again). The typical thing happened (again). I ran a good first mile (4:57) then fell asleep during mile 2, then tried to rebound over mile 3 and wussed out at the very end when I needed a kick...

If it wasn't for this guy (left), I wouldn't have run as fast as I did. Dan came up and went by me somewhere just before mile 2. He was battling with Titus and went by me pretty quick, but I was able to adjust and stay right with him for the last mile and go around him with one last surge over the last quarter mile or so. Dan may have been a little tired from his win up at UNH the previous day... regardless, any time I am able to finish even 1 second ahead of this guy, I consider it a good day. Things will be drastically different next week at Baystate though...I just hope to hang onto Dan for 15-16 or so and then let him kick my arse from there... I'll be hard pressed to even last that long. He still owns me on anything over 10k and I've learned over the past 12+ months to accept that. The only race over 10k that I've ever been able to beat him in was this past year's Mt. Washington Road Race and I only beat him by 34 seconds AND he stopped to puke a couple times and had to walk a bit... And I still couldn't put any real distance on him... And I ran the WHOLE time.

Fellow CMS teammate and former U-Lowell standout David Quintal (left) also banged out one last 5k today (also in prep for Baystate) in 16:54 for 12th overall and 5th master (in a loaded masters field). Age graded, this brought David down to a 15:23 and enabled the bragging rights for our next long run :).

After the race, as I was making my way to the food tables, I was pleasantly surprised to run into my high school coach, John Dicomandrea, who celebrated his 80th birthday this past year and ran a very strong 31:15 (10:04 pace). Deek is still going strong, still coaching the Wakefield Boys and Girls cross country teams, and still enjoying every minute of competing in the local area road racing scene. It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous afternoon (more late-summer feeling, than mid October).

This was my first actual run in the town of New Castle, NH (so I bagged another one today). New Castle is the smallest town (area-wise) in the state of New Hampshire. It is only 2.4 square miles big, but of that 2.4 square miles, only 0.8 of it is land. The rest is water. Just over 1000 people live there and it is the only town in New Hampshire that is an island (actually a couple of them). It sits right between Portsmouth and Rye, and is connected to each by a small bridge. Basically 2 ways in/out (which led to the interesting traffic situation this morning).

One more race left in the series and that will be next weekend (1 week after my marathon) up in Stratham, NH.

Kristin took a nice set of photos that can be seen in the usual spot (My SmugMug page).

To the left is yours truly, with Coach Deek (MSTCA hall of fame coach, 1953 US National 25k Road Champion, and top finisher at many Boston Marathons going back to the early 1950s).

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  1. Great race report. I like the picture after the race where you are wearing the Cranmore t-shirt.