Monday, September 15, 2008

Update: Current Training and Upcoming Races

Just throwing together an update because I've gotten a couple of messages asking what I was up to because I hadn't put together an entry for this past week. I don't usually blog without having some sort of race or special event to talk about, but since there hasn't been anything this past week, I'll just put in a general update instead.

First off, the Feel Good Farm 7K Trail Race in Lyndeborough, NH, that was scheduled for this past Saturday was cancelled. The website stated that 'Due to unsafe trail conditions caused by the recent heavy rains from the remnants of the recent hurricane we have been forced to cancel the Feel Good Farms Trail Races.' ... This race was to be the 3rd one in the 2008 USATF-NE XC Grand Prix. Maybe it was a good thing that this was cancelled though (for me). I've been getting my butt kicked for about 3 weeks now from these horrific allergies. Nothing has been working...I've tried everything. The last few days I've felt pretty wiped. I've been getting awful sleep but have been keeping up with the miles because I know the marathon is looming. I was thinking about doing some other local race like the one in Stoneham (that Craig Fram ended up winning) or one down in Wrentham, MA... But I decided to rest instead. A good decision I think. Over the last 2 weeks I've put up 76 miles each (with 1 day off each week). This is lower than what I was doing all last winter and this past spring. But it is a little bit more or just about on par with what I've been doing this in essence I haven't really adjusted my schedule at all for the upcoming Baystate Marathon on October 19th (only 34 days away). This may be a pretty big mistake on my part. I am not out of shape by any means...I'm in OK 10k shape I think...maybe even half marathon shape (we'll see in a few weeks). I don't think I am in any sort of competative marathon shape, but I am going to do a little bit of adjusting over the next couple of weeks to see if I can salvage something. I put in a 17+ mile run last Wednesday and a 19+ mile run yesterday. I am not 'ready' per se for a fast marathon...but I am hoping I can at least grind through it and get it done...I am making a promise to myself that if I get through this one unscathed, I will train the right way next time (Boston in 2009). For now, its just about getting my GP jacket and calling it a season.

Next up for me will be this weekend's Lobster Dash (Sept 20th, 8:30am Ogunquit Maine). This seems like it will be a fun race (5 miler), as it is all on the hard packed sand of Ogunquit beach. The Lobster Dash is in memory of Greg Gumbinner.

After that, I'll be running in my 6th Codfish Bowl (XC) in the past 13 years (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2007). More on that I'm sure, after the race.

I am also registered for the Hollis Applefest Half Marathon (Hollis, NH) which is on 10/04. This will be a good warm up 2 weeks before Baystate. This is a very hilly course (see elevation profile here). Dave Dunham has the course record, set back in 1992 with a 1:06:07. I made a jab at that course record via email last week and referred to it as 'soft' (I was kidding of course), to which he replied 'yeah, it is...I was in 1:03 shape when I ran that'. Good stuff.

That's about it for now...Gonna try to get up into the 80s this week without getting hurt of course... Some light mileage and the occasional quicker tempo pace run and then the 5 miler this weekend for a workout... If you're around and want to get together for a run this week (at any pace) let me know...

Above (L to R): Ben Strain, Jim Pawlicki, Dan Verrington, Me - MSD 10K - Portsmouth, NH (06-14-08).

Oh yeah, one more thing... As of this past week, I've been back running for 2 years now! :). Here's to another XX years of running to go!!!


  1. >> If you're around and want
    >> to get together for a run
    >> this week (at any pace)
    >> let me know...

    Ha, ha, don't say that if you don't really mean it! :)

  2. wow... ok... let me clarify then... If its over 7 minute pace then YES, lets get together... If it's under 7 minute pace, then have a good run :)...


  3. Not ready for a problem, just make sure you smile for the camera when you run by :)

    scott mason

  4. Ha! Thanks Scott. If you're there, I'll try and crack one when I see you...but it's gonna hurt!

  5. I did my best to keep up with you last night... well, it was only your cool down, but I tried!