Saturday, September 27, 2008

41st Annual Codfish Bowl XC

Today was back to Franklin Park for the 41st Annual Codfish Bowl XC race (results).  This was my 6th time running it.  I would say that as far as teams go, this was one of the larger fields...time wise, this race has slowed down over the years (but then again so have I!)....Last year the weather was perfect...maybe even a tad on the warm side... sunny and beautiful.  Today, as anyone who is in New England reading this knows, the weather was pretty crappy... but the rain held off during the race for the most part.  The course was wet and muddy in spots.  Going into the wilderness loop the second time, I slipped and went down on one hand right in front of Matt Pimentel who was there coaching his Merrimack team who ran very well, placing 5th place overall .  I backed off during the second and third miles a bit too much and couldn't recover... I've had a string of bad 5 mile/8k experiences over the last month or so and it's really starting to make me crave the longer stuff or even 5ks again... something about this middle distance is not cooperating with me.  I was 24 seconds faster than last year, but 12 places worse...  And I figured last year would be my worst Codfish Bowl ever because I was still on the comeback, I've settled in and I was expecting a lot more...but since I haven't really done any 'workouts' other than racing every weekend, since April, I have come to expect this type of thing for this distance...I hope my longer stuff coming up, feels easier than this.  I do just love getting back out there and running cross country...regardless of the time or place, it is really fun to get back on the old course and mix it up with some good college runners (and a slew of GBTC and BAA runners this year)... It's much more fun to me than regular road races....Something about being on the line at Franklin Park in a men's only race, with 100+ strewn out across the field, in the fall, in the damp and muddy conditions, following the white spray painted lines on the grass, that really gets my emotions going...too bad I can't race fast at these things :)....  On the women's side, Caitlyn Clark ran very well and placed 4th overall, in a really exciting women's race.


Mile 1) 5:00
Mile 2) 5:34
Mile 3) 5:38
Mile 4) 5:30
Mile 5) 5:13 

Codfish Bowl over the Years...

1995 - Place: 9th - Time: 25:42
1996 - Results lost over time...(comment if you have them...)
1997 - Place: 12th - Time: 25:48
1998 - Place: 6th - Time: 25:29
2007 - Place: 15th - Time: 27:21
2008 - Place: 27th - Time 26:57

No photos or video today as the weather was not cooperating...and I gave the lovely and talented Kristin a day off from the torment which is going to my races...

Instead, I will share some throwback pictures of some Codfish-related fashion that I am still hanging on to:

Below: 10 years back... 31st Annual T-shirt - 1998

Below: 13 years back... 28th Annual T-shirt - 1995 (not too different than '98).  This had the sleeve ripped off during a run at UML back in the late's been fixed a bunch of times but this is it in it's current state.  I think its almost as old as some high school runners this year...

Below: 10 years back... 31st Annual - Third Place Team Trophy (UML) - 1998 (with the Deacon keeping an eye on things...)

And lastly...some more USATF XC history....To really make me feel like crap, Dave Dunham's Codfish Bowl finishes from UML (or just U-Lowell as it was known WAY back then...):

10/09/1982 - 3rd Place - 24:54
10/08/1983 - 1st Place - 24:12
10/06/1984 - 1st Place - 24:43

I'm still waiting for Dave to plug all his archives into blogger so we can all feel like crap when we think we had a good race somewhere ;).....


  1. I'm working on that archive. Right now I'm gathering results for the Stu's 30km which will be 30 years old this year.

    Nice run today.

    Open invitation to join me in the water :-)

  2. Can you post a link for the Codfish results? I can't find them any where. Thanks

  3. Sorry, I see you have a link. Thanks

  4. AH!
    I'm famous! I'm mentioned in the Double J recap!!

    What were you wearing today? I was looking for you in the race, but I didn't know what to look for and couldn't find you... so I was cheering "go Double J... wherever you are!"

    thanks for your support, and nice job in these sloppy conditions. :)