Monday, September 1, 2008

2008 St. Charles Children's Home 5k

(Updated: 9/2) - Monday I closed out the summer season by running up in Portsmouth NH one more time at the 12th Annual St. Charles Children's Home 5k (results) on Pease A.F.B. This year's course was a new one but still drew the same impressive numbers (979 total finishers). Though the weather was a tad warm and breezy, the conditions weren't too bad early in the morning...later in the day, it got plain HOT out there. The course was relatively flat with only a couple of slight inclines, but again, like Redhook, not anything major. I talked with Casey and a few others after the race about what he thought was the reason for the slower times across the board....consensus was some wind on the hills and the heat. As I said before this point, if I can have an off day and still run under 16, I'll take it for as long as I can.

The race went out at a pretty decent pace, then a slight incline over the second mile, and some downhill and uphill on the 3rd mile. Ben Ndaya and Casey Moulton went out pretty much from the gun, as they always do, and led the whole way. Titus Mutinda went out with them, fell back a bit by the first water stop and I actually passed him...then he passed me back pretty quick and put a gap on me that I just couldn't make up. It got so hot by the first water stop, that I actually grabbed water. I usually make fun of people for taking water in a 5k, but I found myself reaching for the first cup as soon as I saw one.... I felt pretty crappy during mile 2 of this race...worse than I have in a couple weeks...the frequent racing may be catching up with me... I hung on to finish just behind Titus, in 4th place...holding off Zach Emerson (Whirlaway) who was 5th overall. Casey and Ben went back and forth near the end, but it was one last move about 100 meters out from the finish that sealed the deal for Casey, who was trying to throw everyone off by rocking his brother's Providence College singlet.

This race had a pretty nice payday...Not sure what first place got (a couple hundred at least), but the top 4 get paid... We each got a piggy bank that is in the form of a pair of running shoes, with cash in it. 4th was $50 plus $20 ($70 total). Each finishing prize had the extra $20 added to it instead of a trophy this year. Pretty nice. Also, another plus was the cheaper entry fee ($15). I'll definitely be looking to run this again next year.

Pictured here is the Deacon keeping an eye on my new bank.

Splits: 5K - 4th overall out of 979 - 15:51 (5:07 pace)

Mile 1) 4:57
Mile 2) 5:18 (10:15)
Mile 3) 5:04 (15:20)
last .1) :31 (15:51)

Overall, nice day...hung out in Portsmouth afterwards as usual. I let Kristin loose in the streets of Market Square for a bit to do some shopping and we grabbed some grub. 3 more races up in the Seacoast this year (all in the Seacoast series), but none in Portsmouth...oh well...until next year....
Kristin got some nice race pics that can be viewed at the usual spot (SmugMug).

Fosters writeup here.

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