Sunday, September 21, 2008

2008 Ogunquit Lobster Dash

This weekend it was up to Ogunquit, Maine for the 8th Annual Ogunquit Beach Lobster Dash (results). The Lobster Dash is a 5 mile race run entirely on the hard-packed sands of beautiful Ogunquit Beach, up to Moody Beach in Wells, Maine and back. The race is put on by Charlie Farrington (MVS) and is in memory of Greg Gumbinner.

The race went out kind of slow and easy...Dan Princic (Whirlaway), Casey Carroll (winner in 2006, 2007), and I went out together and ran for the first 2.5 (out to the turnaround and back) before I started to fall off the pace a bit. Casey seemed to also fall back about the same time as I did, but not by quite as much. By mile 3, there was a pretty good spread and by mile 4 it looked as though it would be Dan in 1st for sure, and then Casey and then me....but by about 4.5 I had some sort of idea that I may be able to salvage 2nd so I put in a very late surge and caught Casey just before the finish and ran the last 100 meters or so with my head on a swivel, holding him off for 2nd place in 26:51 (practically the same time I ran at Ollie a couple weeks ago). All finishers get nice medals and I got a trophy for winning my age division (30-39). I cooled down with Dan and opted out of my lobster roll (it probably wouldn't have been my idea of an ideal snack at 9:30 am) and Dave and I hit the road.

Top 10 All Time

1) MICHAEL O'BRIEN (2002) - DURHAM NH - 25:37 - (5:08)
2) LARRY SAYERS (2001) - BELLOWS FALLS VT - 25:41 - (5:09)
3) BOB WINN (2002) - OGUNQUIT ME - 25:55 - (5:11)
4) BYRNE DECKER (2002) - YARMOUTH ME - 26:00 - (5:12)
5) BOB WINN (2003) - OGUNQUIT ME - 26:16 - (5:16)
6) WILSON PEREZ (2001) - KEENE NH - 26:17 - (5:16)
7) BOB WINN (2001) - OGUNQUIT ME - 26:23 - (5:17)
8) CASEY CARROLL (2007) - DOVER NH - 26:27 - (5:18)
9) DANIEL PRINCIC (2008) - WOBURN MA - 26:40 - (5:20)
10) JIM JOHNSON (2008) - SALEM NH - 26:51 - (5:23)

Following is another video of some clips shot by Dave Dunham w/ my little digicam (without first cleaning off the lens...sorry about that)... pieced together with some quick editing this afternoon.... The end product of this was about 1.5 gb in size (.5 gb larger than my Merrimack River Trail Video). Therefor I couldn't upload it to YouTube...I had to degrade it a bit and switch to a different format to upload it. The quality isn't as good but doesn't look to bad. Once I figure out what I'm doing, I may be able to get some better videos...for now, this is what I got. Enjoy.

One quick mention... dd (currently injured) was a good sport and made the trek up with me and took video and about 300+ photos but for some reason EVERY one was blurry, out of focus, and look they are from like 6 miles away....I am not sure why. Something is up and I may be able to pull some out and upload them to SmugMug but haven't done it yet... I'll work on that next.


  1. Did you see dd's photo on blog today? He's beating you ; )

  2. Thats Washington... and right after he passed me (probably around 2-2.5 mile point)...right near where his wife was taking pics. As you can see by my expression I wasn't thrilled with what was going on :)...

  3. Damn ... I grew up in the east and I have not heard accents that thick in a long time. Makes me feel like I am comin' home.

    Nice race ... I am a bit jealous of the shore.

    A weekly installment of the DD rant would be great.

  4. I finally got a chance to watch the video... you guys were very entertaining.