Friday, August 22, 2008

2008 Saunders at Rye Harbor 10K

Gave the Saunders at Rye Harbor 10K (results) a whirl on Thursday night as race # 5 in the Seacoast Road Race Series. This was a really cool race through some very nice quiet neighborhoods of Rye, NH. The goal for this race was to get my overall points for the series and maybe, if I was lucky, run a decent time and get a workout in. I was actually surprised I felt good enough to go after spending all of Tuesday night in the hospital. I have been drugged up for the past couple days but laid off any medication today to be able to run with some energy.

I went out pretty conservative (relatively speaking) and sat behind a few guys while Kevin Alliette just took it out and ran his own race up front. He eventually had a huge lead by about 2 miles or so. I ran with Ian Nurse, Nate Huppe, and Dan Princic for a while, while a couple of other guys ran between our chase pack and Kevin. By 3 miles I was in 4th behind Ian and a runner from Louisiana (Matt Manning) who where running side by side, and Kevin who was way up front. By mile 5, I was gaining on 2nd and 3rd and we were all gaining on Kevin, but in the end, the placement stayed the same with all of us coming across in just a 34 second spread. Not a bad effort at all and I got my points again for the series...This is also my fastest 10K since coming back (so a 30+ PR)... by a few seconds...Still want to get faster, but I have to take this as a plus, as I haven't run faster than this since the mid 90s...

Race writeup from Seacoast Online here.

Race writeup from Fosters here.

10k Splits (32:58 - 5:18 pace - 4th overall out of 771):

Mile 1: 5:15
Mile 2: 5:21 (10:37)
Mile 3: 5:23 (16:00)
Mile 4: 5:17 (21:17)
Mile 5: 5:14 (26:31)
Mile 6.2: 6:27 (32:58)

There was also an MVS sweep on the women's side...congrats to Kara, Melissa, and Tina! well as the rest of a very good MVS showing for both the Men and Women...

Next up...2 days of easy mileage and then the Chambo XC race on Sunday...

Photos by Jim Rhoades

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