Friday, August 29, 2008

2008 Magnolia 5k

Quick entry on this one... Magnolia 5k (results) last night (as I shoehorn in another race to the 2008 season)...I raced 2.9 miles of this and dogged .2 of it. A new low for me for a race finish, but the rest of it was fine...not sure what happened here. I sat on Mark Mayall (one of the NB boys I keep losing to...) for the entire race... clipped along at decent splits (for me) and then served him the win on a silver platter...but seriously, this boy's got speed so I most likely would have lost anyways, even if I decided to run like a man at the end...but I neglected to kick or do anything remotely close to finishing this race like I should have, so that stings a little bit.... I'll take this a learning experience and try to just put it behind me for now... Another 15 and change effort is welcome for sure (I'm getting old you know!)... Mike Masse brought his dancin' shoes to this one and PR'd with a 16:09 for 3rd place overall. Spring chicken Dan Verrington was 20 seconds faster this year than last, with a 16:20 for 4th...and former UML XC All American and owner of the 9th fastest 10k in UML history, now a fellow CMS teammate (whether he likes it or not!) and fellow Salem, NH resident Dave Quintal was 8th overall.

If I come across any photos from this race other than these, I'll throw them up here and update this...for now this is all I have... You can actually see my suckin' wind in background of the photo of Mayall winning the race on the Coolrunning results page... Thats the only visual evidence I know of so far...

The splits - 5k - 15:44 (5:05 pace) - 2nd of 264

Mile 1) 4:57
Mile 2) 5:06 (10:04)
Mile 3) 5:10 (15:14)
last .1) :29 (15:44)

Now on to Portsmouth once more for the St Charles Children's Home 5k Road Race at Pease A.F.B. on Monday morning...


  1. Search, Mark Mayall on google. The first hit is his online running blog. He says a little about you...and that he didnt have a clue who you were.
    How can you not know jim johnson?

  2. Nice work Jimmy. Mayall is father time of new england running and season ticket holder of some decent Celtics tickets...I know hes always looking to sell when he can't go, so hit him up.

  3. JJ

    I'm proud to be your CMS teammate. Just keep your hands off my knife and fork at the dinner table and finish strong on Monday!


  4. I don't think anyone can match your racing schedule. Holy Smokes, do you ever get tired?! Impressive!

    See you at Ollie!