Sunday, July 6, 2008


Still working on the Loon writeup and photos... While passing the time I figured I'd address some of the questions I've gotten from people regarding all the talk about smoothies in the video I linked to last week.... Needless to say I have been intrigued by Tim VanOrden's videos (see his Green Smoothie video here) and discussions about health and his raw food diet. While what he preaches makes perfect sense, it is painfully hard to adapt to (especially when you get invited to one cookout after another every weekend!!). What I have been doing however, is eliminating all of the snacking and unhealthy eating I've been doing throughout the week and becoming more conscious of what I put in my body. I have rarely eaten cooked food over the past 3 weeks, but I am not about to eliminate it quite yet. I have moved more towards buying all organic and unprocessed foods and cutting out practically all dairy, sweets, snacks, etc, and just about anything that isn't grown, plucked, and immediately bagged. I've stuck to only water and coconut water (cutting out even sports drinks completely). I've also been buying all sorts of different organic dried fruit and granola combinations. I've been doing all of my shopping at local natural food stores and putting a lot more time, effort, and thought into what I buy to consume as fuel for my body. That's how I was introduced to the magical world of I know that there has been a thing called a smoothie since like the 1930s, but I am just starting to realize how effective these things really are... I can get through most of the day on practically nothing but these things...It fills me up immediately, keeps me well hydrated, and gives me all the energy I need and more (given you put the appropriate things in there to cover all your essentials). In 3 weeks now, I've noticed a huge difference in the way I feel. Sure I've been going to the store more times per week than every before, but getting off your tail is good for you every once in a while.

The typical smoothie for me looks like this (click to see larger version):

  • 1) Blueberries (not free range VT berries like Tim's but organic nonetheless)
  • 2) Dulse flakes and Flax Seeds
  • 3) Mango (this was the wildcard for this week)
  • 4) Banana (usually 2 for me, it was my last them in even amounts)
  • 5) Cherries (when you got 'em)
  • 6) Watermelon
  • 7) Strawberries (best if plucked from the 2nd to last hill in the Loon Mtn. race)
  • 8) Kale (because Tim says so)
  • 9) Grapes (without the stems of course)
  • 10) 20 oz. of Salem NH town water (better if you have VT well-water, but...)
  • 11) A 10th Anniversary Runner's Alley/Redhook Brewery Memorial 5K Road Race glass (If you don't have one of these, you can improvise...but it may not be the same...)
The end result is 3+ glasses of this (click to see larger version):

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