Sunday, July 27, 2008

2008 York Days 5K

Today I ran race #4 in the Seacoast Racing Series up in York, ME. The 25th Annual York Days 5K (results) was the scene of the crime this time around. The goal today was to win or at least be the first series participant to finish (giving me 4 total points in the series)... The race was 747 deep, which was a surprise, but the competition near the top was a little thin. My plan was to go out with the leaders (because I really didn't know who would be showing up for this) and then, if I was close at 2 miles, kick to the finish...enough to get the job done. I sat behind Matt Chorney (Bristol, NH) for about a half mile...then ran beside him for maybe the next quarter... I was ahead up through the mile and then put some distance on the field after that. The mile splits were completely off. I actually noticed this when I was warming up. I went through the mile in 5:34 which is obviously way off, even though there was a painted '1 Mile' on the road directly before a 'Mile 1' sign at the first water stop, and about half of it was up a slight incline.... Needless to say, my second mile split was a blistering 4:43 (again, no way)...There was a nice mile marker both painted on the road and standing upright...but they weren't in the right spots .. So my two mile worked out to be 10:18, which is probably a little closer to being right as far as overall running time. My last 1.1 was 5:28. In the end I came through in 1st place by about 47 seconds with a 15:46 (5:06 pace), which is the fastest time at this race since 1999. I'll take that. Anything under 16 has come to be acceptable....1st place prize was a cool $100 cash...I'll take that any day! Now on to Tuesday's 10 miler in Newburyport...not particularly concerned with it...just going to get it done and focus on other races in my range...

Other MVS striders on hand today, all running great in the heat...:

Mark Zytkovicz - 48th - 20:42 (6:41 pace)
Scott Masse - 59th - 21:12 (6:51 pace)
Charlie Farrington - 190th - 24:06 (7:47 pace)...

....this last one was most likely way off though, as Charlie came in during an absolute logistical disaster of a chute...there was a huge backup of people in the chute and they had to open a second one as people started to cut ahead and get all jumbled around. He had to stand and wait to cross the line. Also, as this was all going on, I had some technical 'issues' with my camera and didn't get Charlie finishing (my apologies Charlie)...I should have let Kristin keep taking pictures, but I decided to play photographer right after I raced... I then had to shut it off early to go cooldown, so I maybe only got half the finishers...

Speaking of that... again, the lovely and talented Kristin braved the heat and got some nice photos ...check them out here.

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