Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2008 Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler

Dan Verrington described it perfectly on the way home...'la-di-da running'. That hit the nail right on the head. Last night's New England 10 Mile Championship was a perfect example... 55:36 (5:34 pace) and a 31st place at the Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler in Newburyport, MA. In the few longer races I've run, I tend to run up to the point where it doesn't quite hurt.... but just a little bit harder and it will start to. So I sit back, run comfortable for the whole time, and end up running a much slower pace than I should. The good news is that I could probably run the pace I ran at this race, for a marathon... or just a tad slower. I'm not sure how to actually run faster than this for anything over a 10k. If anyone has any suggestions, I'll gladly take them. The heat aside, there is no excuse for running a 55:36 for 10 miles...Not at this point in my running career. I ran 55:40 for a HILLY 10 miles in Foxboro back in February. It was freezing cold, constantly rolling hills, and windy as hell. The one thing I will say is that 'maybe' racing 2 days before this was a bad idea...I'm in no way using that as an excuse...but I am really searching to figure out why I ran so slow. I'm not going to hammer away at this...There were no race photos taken (Jim Rhoades took some but I don't care at this point) and Kristin didn't make it (probably a good thing)... whats done is done... Here's the damage.

10 Mile Splits: 55:36 (5:34 pace) - 31st of 1464

Mile 1 - 5:07 (5:07)
Mile 2 - 5:20 (10:27)
Mile 3 - 5:30 (15:58)
Mile 4 - 5:33 (21:31)
Mile 5 - 5:36 (27:07)
Mile 6 - 5:51 (32:58)
Mile 7 - 5:34 (38:33)
Mile 8 - 5:50 (44:24)
Mile 9 - 5:43 (50:08)
Mile 10 - 5:29 (55:36)

MVS Mens' Open as a team ...also not that great.

52:35 54:41 55:36 59:01 59:47 = 4:41:40

Dan Vassallo ran like the man that he is and was 7th, repeating his 7th place GP finish at New Bedford in March. What would we do without Dan? Lose to 5 more teams each time, that's what. Jon Healey also ran strong, as he usually does in these longer races...Why I can't even try for a split second to stay with him when he runs by me at 5 miles like I'm standing still, I still don't know. I need to find out...

MVS Women's Open performed slightly better (only 3 score)

1:03:31 1:05:49 1:05:57 = 3:15:17

Now onto stuff that is a little easier for me for a while...still contemplating Bay State...at this point, if its going to be an effort worse than today, I'm thinking of backing out....

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