Saturday, July 12, 2008

2008 Mt Ascutney Run to the Summit

In the photo (left to right): Jim Johnson (MVS/CMS), Justin Fyffe (GCS Triad), Eric Morse (CMS), Paul Kirsch (WMM), Tim VanOrden (CMS/Running Raw), Todd Callaghan (GCS Triad), Kevin Tilton (CMS/Inov8), Gabe Flanders (WMM) on the observation tower at the summit of Mt. Ascutney. - Photo taken w/ my cam by Dave Dunham

Saturday was the last race in the USATF-NE La Sportiva Mountain Running Circuit for 2008. The Mt. Ascutney Run to the Summit (results) in Windsor, VT is 3.8 miles up an auto road that is essentially a mini-Mt Washington. It is basically half the distance with the same average grade, as the Mt. Washington road race. It begins right at the base and starts the ascent immediately. There are a few breaks along the way, where the course levels out (unlike Washington) which means that some of the uphills are actually a tad steeper than Washington but you can work them a little harder because its only half the distance (but that's even easier said than done...).

I picked up DD at the Park and Ride in Windham, NH and we cut across to Windsor in just under 2 hours. Conditions were almost perfect leading up to the race. A 9am start would have been ideal, but with the 9:30 start, of course the sun burned off all the clouds and started to shine down at quarter past. The temp went up a bit, but it wasn't as much of a scorcher as say like Loon was last week.

Race time....I started out up at the front with Eric Morse, Kevin Tilton, and Justin Fyffe. I kept relatively close to Kevin and Justin for close to a mile before I started to fall back a bit. Eric just kept plugging away up front and was soon by himself. At just over a mile, a pack that was made up of Dave Dunham, Chris Schmidt and Todd Callaghan went by me in that order. I stuck right on Todd's shoulder for the next 2 miles and went by him right around the 3 mile mark. He didn't try to stick with me over the last couple of climbs and I soon came up on Justin Fyffe right before the finish line. I was also running down Chris and DD but ran out of real estate and came up just short. I finished in 5th place with a 31:21.

The Top 15

1) 0:29:47 Eric Morse - 40-49 Berlin VT - CMS
2) 0:30:55 Kevin Tilton - 20-29 N Conway NH - CMS
3) 0:31:08 Dave Dunham - 40-49 Bradford MA - CMS
4) 0:31:15 Chris Schmidt - 30-39 VT
5) 0:31:21 Jim Johnson - 30-39 Salem NH - MVS
6) 0:31:33 Justin Fyffe - 20-29 Dummerston VT - GCS
7) 0:31:49 Todd Callaghan - 30-39 Somerville MA - GCS
8) 0:32:18 Lou Bregou - 30-39 Littleton NH - GCS
9) 0:32:58 Tim Mahoney - 20-29 Westfield MA - CMS
10) 0:33:38 Tim Van Orden - 40-49 Bennington VT - CMS
11) 0:33:39 Robert Lukaskiewicz - 30-39 Rutland VT - GMAA
12) 0:34:14 Mike Fenzel - 30-39 White River Jct VT
13) 0:35:34 Martin Tighe - 50-59 Providence RI - TNT
14) 0:36:15 John Paul Lewicke - 20-29 Somerville MA - GCS
15) 0:36:36 Paul Kirsch - 40-49 Madison NH - WMM

Splits for Mt. Ascutney:

Mile 1) 7:53
Mile 2) 8:49
Mile 3) 9:03
Last .08) 5:35

After I finished, I ran to the truck which carried our bags up to the top, and grabbed my camera and was able to start snapping pictures of finishers. Tim Mahoney (CMS) was the first one I was able to get. I took pictures until the group I was with left to jog/hike up to the observation deck on the summit, so I didn't get everyone. I am happy to have gotten over 100 pictures on the day, as I initially didn't think I'd be getting any (with Kristin not being able to make the trip). I've uploaded them to my new SmugMug page here: HERE

A couple of side notes, I've changed a few things around on the website... I started using SmugMug for my photos (as indicated above). I've also started to log my weekly mileage (started this week) on . I've also included the web widget on the left hand side, which tracks my last 7 (customizable) days of running. Lastly, I'm excited to have found that the USATF-NE XC Grand Prix schedule has been released (see it here:

2008 USATF-NE XC Races

8/3/08 GMAA Scholarship 5K X-C Run, South Burlington, VT
8/24/08 Thomas Chamberas 6K, Carlisle, MA
9/13/08 Feel Good Farm 7K, Lyndeborough, NH
10/5/08 Topsfield X-C Festival, Topsfield, MA
10/12/08 Wayland X-C Challenge 5K, Wayland, MA
10/19/08 Groton Town Forest, Groton, MA 3.4M
10/26/08 Boston Mayor’s Cup, Boston, MA
11/9/08 USATFNE X-C Championships, Boston, MA

I've gone ahead and substituted the ones I can make (6 out of 8, with the Wayland XC Challenge and Groton Town Forest races conflicting with SCRS and NE GP races).
One last point, the Mountain Goat shirts were awesome. I hope they don't change them at all for next year so I can get mine! If you can hack the hills, I strongly recommend working the rest of your schedule around these races for next year!

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  1. That sounds like a brutal run! I wish we had something like that here in my neck of the woods (Medical Lake, WA). I found your blog looking for Darin Shearer, who should be back from deployment by now. Good work on that run.